Ike & Justin sharing bench talk once again

In 2012 Ike Davis was a 25-year-old 1st baseman who had just slugged 32 home runs and looked to be on the path to a long career as the Met first baseman. Justin Turner was a 27-year-old utility player who hit two home runs in 185 plate appearances and looked like the kind of player who would have to win a job every spring.

Five years later Ike and Justin shared bench space for the first time since 2013 when they both last played for the Mets. I can’t read lips like Vin Scully but I’m pretty sure that Ike turned to Turner and said “WTF, I’m the NRI and you just signed a $65M contract?”

Lefty on Lefty – Dodger prospects Cody Bellinger and Alex Verdugo blasted home runs in the 8th inning off of lefty pitcher Barbosa.

I did not expect Stetson Allie to look like Greg Luzinski.

First look at Cuban Jose Fernandez who walked on four pitches. Good to see him already getting reps in the spring games.

Remember when Rob Segedin tore up spring last year? He’s at it again, crushing a home run to center field.

My Grandmothers first name was Cordell, so it struck me as funny to see Ryan Cordell playing for the Brewers.

Is Damien Magnifico the greatest name? Shouldn’t he be an illusionist?

Did someone forget to clear their 2016 stats? The crawl line during the Dodger game kept showing home runs in other games as though 2016 was still going on. Machado hit his 37th home run. Amusing anyway.


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