Los Angeles councilperson is proposing that single adults be banned from playgrounds.

Now, the city’s extensive collection of swing sets, monkey bars and slides is at the center of a debate over a City Hall proposal to bar adults unaccompanied by children from entering playgrounds in parks.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s proposal — aimed at protecting children but criticized as a case of government going too far — would essentially ban lone adults from hanging out in spaces meant for kids.

When I first heard about the proposal it sounded like it was going to ban single adults from any area where children play and I wondered how my park would be affected if this law passed.

I use Shadow Park Ranch in West Hills all the time. The open air adult workout section is just ten feet from the Children’s playground. It is a simple setup, pull up bar, dip bar, horizontal bar, and rings. I go at different times throughout the day and while it is never busy it always has at least one or two single adults using the equipment.

But not everyone is rallying behind the Hollywood councilman’s plan, with some accusing O’Farrell of stigmatizing single people or labeling them as pedophiles.

Inflaming the situation, others have misinterpreted the law as banning adults in parks. “Nanny state gone wild: Los Angeles attempts to ban single adults from parks,” a national libertarian group tweeted this week.

It seemed bizarre to me to somewhat label all these folk as possible pedophile’s and it got my dander up. But as I read what the law would actually do, I’m more open to it.

The motion would bolster an existing and similar state law, spokesman Tony Arranaga said. Adults without children could continue to use all the areas of the parks, he added, except the playgrounds, which are clearly marked by boundaries such as a gate, sand or other barriers.

I guess this would mean that as long as the lone adults stay off the sand of the children’s playground they would be allowed to stay.  The lone adult who simply wants to use a swing or enjoys watching children play will simply have to check that impulse at the gate, sand, or other barriers.

So much for the old days when senior citizens would visit parks simply for the joy of watching the children play.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    I was in the process of writing a long post about this, but scrapped it.

    We have decent people who want to follow the rules.
    This is the vast majority of the people.
    There is also a smaller group of people who take pleasure in breaking the rules.
    Then there is another, smaller subset of the rule breakers who are so outside the norm that they can be labeled sick in the head.

    When I was a kid in the early sixties, we never locked the front door.
    We went camping to Yellowstone and did not lock the front door before we left.

    The first car my dad got for my mom was a 1953 Chevy sedan.
    You didn’t use a key to start the car, instead you pushed a button.
    When she got a car that had a keyed ignition, when we went to the supermarket, she would leave the keys in the car.

    When I lived in Whittier, the old couple who had lived across the street moved and a nice couple moved in. Jeff was getting near retirement from covering his beat on Indiana St. in East LA for twenty years. He was just a super nice guy.

    One day the subject of lawlessness came up in our conversation. His attitude was the opposite of what I expected. Jeff, like me, really had a heart for people. His idea for a solution was a simple one.

    Get rid of the dumb laws and stick to the basics.

    This was his response to a complex, meandering argument that I was presenting to him. One not very different from the type we have seen posted by others over at TBLA.

    Our discussion ended when I asked him if we could possibly ever have peace on the streets again?

    Jeff said it was simple, just hire enough police officers to meet the need. He said that would probably never happen, because the politicians do not want to dedicate the resources necessary.

    The same is true in education, fewer students per teacher always yields better results. That’s why my sister who is a reading specialist takes children out of the classroom and works with them in groups of three or four at a time.

    LA City Council persons are some of the lamest excuses for politicians around imo.

    Pedophilia is a no brainer.
    Apprehend the perp, tie the person to a light pole, give the child’s mother a baseball bat, then leave her alone for five minutes.
    End of problem.


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