You can’t take it with you

Five years ago Charles F Feeney promised to give away his billions and this most amazing philanthropist kept that promise.

It was a race: Mr. Feeney was then 81, and Atlantic Philanthropies, a collection of private foundations he had started and funded, still had about $1.5 billion left. Flinging money out the window or writing checks willy-nilly was not Mr. Feeney’s way.

When you give away eight billion and end up with only two million you must have made quite a few charitable organizations very happy.  The Cornell grad looks to have led a fairly asture life for a billionaire.  The best part for me is that he did all this under the radar. It used to make me gag when Don Sterling would announce his charitable contributions with full page ad’s in the Lost Angeles times.

None of the major American philanthropists have given away a greater proportion of their wealth, and starting in 1982, Mr. Feeney did most of this in complete secrecy, leading Forbes magazine to call him the “James Bond of philanthropy.”

Finally, a role model I can get behind.

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  1. Great first article to read here, sent me straight to wikipedia, doesn’t it seem that the real heroes are the purposely unsung. Thank’s Phil.


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