Narrative busting day

With Kenley Jansen re-signing with the Dodgers for 5/80 today, two different narratives were busted.

First Narrative – MLB players always sign for the most money. I had laid out reasons why it would be a bad idea for Kenley Jansen to sign with the Marlins even if the Marlins made the best offer. I didn’t however, count on the Nationals to also outbid the Dodgers, and for Kenley to turn down as loaded and successful a franchise as the Nationals for the Dodgers,  is really saying something. Kenley must have really wanted to stay in Los Angeles. I’m not a big fan of locking up a closer for 5/80 but because it is Kenley Jansen, I’m as all in as he is.

Second Narrative – This Los Angeles Dodger front office would never pay to keep their best players. They just gave the second highest contract to any closer in baseball history.


Later today we might find out that Justin Turner is also coming back which would complete the key parts of the band. If Blanton is replaced by Greg Holland, so much the better.

1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    With this signing, Kenly Jansen has replaced Ellis as my favorite player to root for.

    It’s so wonderful to have great players who want to be on your team.

    If he should struggle against father time, I will still be all in, rooting for the big guy!


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