Bradbury Building, Boston Camerata, Eggslut, and Aliens


We took in a Christmas show at the infamous Bradbury building today. It wasn’t your typical Christmas show. The Boston Camerata does this:

Take a Christmas journey through Mediaeval France, Italy, England and Provence with “America’s foremost early music ensemble” (Le Monde, Paris). Their “jubilant and inspiring” (The Boston Globe) seasonal music program of festive carols, songs and processionals is “beautifully honed simplicity

while wandering around the iconic Bradbury Building.  Concert goers were strewn around the five floors, and the singers walked up and down between the 1st – 3rd floors singing all the while. The voices were angelic and I understood not a word.   The acoustic were great, the singing was great, but I couldn’t help but think I was in church. And when I’m in church I daydream


I started thinking about how cool it would be if we were invaded by Aliens and it turns out that the human voice at a certain pitch is what would destroy them. The Aliens couldn’t have normal ears because you couldn’t simply have them tune them out with earplugs, these would need to be aliens with a different kind of sensory organs, organs that would be susceptible  to a certain octave.

In this way,  Jackie Evancho would save the world.

This is how you kill an hour of mid-century Christmas singing.

The day was complete with a meal at the Grand Central Market right across the street. The line for Eggslut was too long so we settled for Bombos and it was delicious.



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