A Hollywood ending that even Hollywood couldn’t write

The day that should have had so much promise started out with the horrible news that baseball had lost one of its great stars in a fishing boat accident. Winning a pennant now seemed inconsequential. Witnessing the last calls of Vin at home was already going to make for a stressful day, losing Jose Fernandez and Vin Scully on the same day just didn’t seem right.

One was just starting out with a road map that looked like it could lead to Cooperstown, the other had parked at Cooperstown decades before. In a strange twist, it was going to take someone like Vin Scully to get me through another tough day, even if it was the last time he would be able to do it.

This game was fan appreciation day. It was Vin Scully’s last home game. It was a possible pennant-winning day.  The drama involved the combination of the three.

Could the Dodgers win their fourth straight pennant on fan appreciation day in front of Vin Scully on his last game at Dodger Stadium? Had the stars really aligned to make this a possibility?  I asked Craig Minami if the Dodgers had ever clinched a pennant on Fan Appreciation day, and he couldn’t remember it happening.

The LAD have won eleven ROY awards. The award is named after Jackie Robinson who won the first ever award for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers have owned this award from Jackie Robinson to Fernando to Mike Piazza but for one day Corey Seager transcended them all.

If  Corey Seager does nothing ever again he gave Dodger fans exactly what they needed and wanted on this Sunday.

He gave the Dodgers Extra Vinning when he slammed a two-out home run in the bottom of the 9th against a pitcher who had just toyed with Toles and Turner. He gave Vin Scully the call we wanted to hear one more time. The dramatic call, the roar of the crowd . Corey Seager gave us something we only hoped could happen, but never expected it to happen.

He gave us Charlie Culberson.

Charlie Culberson will never hit a more important home run for Los Angeles Dodger fans, I don’t care if he hits a World Series home run. This was it. This was not just a pennant-winning home run, that was going to happen no matter what. No, Charlie Culberson gave the greatest baseball announcer of all time the greatest call one could ask for to go out on.

Corey Seager and Charlie Culberson were the wings under our feet today.

Thank You



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