Horrible Sunday morning

Getting my car washed at 08:00 AM at a local carwash charity for Sebastian Bordonaro so he could get his service dog I had time to check out the twitter feed. I was expecting lots of Dodger love but instead,  I got a punch to the gut.

My favorite pitcher died this morning, an inspirational story has ended much too soon. This is when great writers come to the forefront to help us express what we are feeling and Grant Brisbee did just that.

Jose Fernandez was not someone you had to remind yourself to humanize. He was not a player you had reduced to an on-field construct because that’s just how we have to compartmentalize everything. No, no, goodness no. He was so radiant that when he’s ripped away, you almost have to force yourself to remember the talent. How well he played the sport is the afterthought because all you can think about at first is the joy.




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