Met fans are being taken on quite a ride

As the Mets struggle to keep up with the Giants and Cardinals in the Wild Card race despite their ravaged rotation, their fans are being treated to a great game after great game. The ending may not always be what they are hoping for, but the drama is coming at them in spades.

For the 3rd night in a row, the Mets engaged in a nail biter. They had lost the previous two games by one run, and it looked like they would lose this in extra innings by two runs, but Asdrubal Cabrera blasted a three-run walk-off home run to propel the Mets to a much-needed victory.

This game had everything:

  • Mets were leading 4 – 3 when Franco hit a three-run home run to give the Phillies the lead 6 – 4.
  • In the bottom of the 9th, much maligned Jose Reyes tied the game with a two-run home run.
  • In the top of the 11th, old friend A.J. Ellis hit a single to put the Phillies up 7-6. That was followed by another run to give the Phillies an 8 – 6 lead headed into the bottom of the 11th.
  • Cabrera hits the game-winning three-run home run
  • Final Score 9 – 8

That victory allowed the Mets to keep pace with Giants who beat the Padres in their own nail biter 2 – 1. The Cardinals didn’t play so they drop 1/2 game back of both teams.

Meanwhile, Matt Kemp crushed the Marlins hopes with two home runs giving him 33 for the season. Kemp now leads all NL outfielders in home runs.

Hey, did Carlos Ruiz become A.J. Ellis and A.J. Ellis become Carlos Ruiz after the trade?

Before the trade A.J. Ellis had a .537 OPS and Ruiz had a .719 OPS

After the trade A.J. Ellis has a .772 OPS and Ruiz has a .517 OPS



1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Now it’s Ruiz who needs to stay up late at night trying to assimilate
    the volumes of statistical information.

    Meanwhile, AJ can put his feet up, go to bed early, and sleep in 🙂


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