I’m a Madison Bumgarner fan

and have to admit that may seem weird as a Dodger fan. I don’t mean I’m a fan as though I like Bumgarner. I’m a fan in that I respect him and what he bring to the table for the Giants.

As I watched the game last night, it was easy to come to the conclusion that Bumgarner is an asshole. If you look at his  extra-curricular activities from the mound when he’s not pitching it is easy to come to the conclusion that Madison Bumgarner is an asshole.

  • Picking his nose
  • Hocking everywhere
  • Yelling while he pitches
  • Instigating confrontation time after time.

Sure he’s an asshole.

But he’s a baseball asshole, everything he does that pisses everyone off is done between the lines of baseball. I’m unaware of anything he’s done outside of baseball that would warrant anyone to call him an asshole to humanity.

It was amusing/interesting to read all the tweets from the Dodger fans I follow. You’d have thought Madison was the devil himself instead of simply being a big ass baby.

And I respect the baseball asshole part of his game, and if you don’t think that part of his baseball personality isn’t a reason the Giants have three rings since he joined the team, you haven’t been paying attention.

This is an old story about where Madison comes from, I was looking for insight into his particular temperament but didn’t find any. Still a nice read if someone wants to know something about where a man comes from.

When Kevin and Debbie divorced, they worked out custody so that Madison could stay at the best high school and continue on his team. Divorce lingers in the heart of a son for years after the fact, and there was the added pain of losing a sister to cancer during his first major-league season.


That said, I sure would have enjoyed Puig/Madison going at it without teammates holding them back.  We haven’t had a Ventura / Ryan confrontation in a while, though the Odor/Batista punch was something for the ages.



  1. 68elcamino427

    There is one reason that Bumgarner continues to incite and bait.
    He is allowed to get away with it.
    Listed as 6’5″ and 240lbs., seems like he is always larger than the folk he is challenging.
    Just a cheap intimidation ploy, and oh! hold me back guys!
    Put a 28 year old Frank Howard or Frank Thomas up against him in the box and see what kind of bad ass behavior Bumgarner displays.
    Likely, not so much.

    Bumgarner’s baseball skills are at the top of the game.
    His fits of adolescent behavior on the field are at the bottom.

    Anyone who can act out as he does on the field and then view the recorded results
    and then continue the behavior has an issue with self awareness at a minimum.
    As a teammate it would embarrass rather than inspire me.

    I enjoy watching good baseball.
    If I want to watch people beat one another up, I’ll turn on the UFC.

    I had a pitcher drill me in the ribs when I was just starting out in the old man league.
    It was intentional, as he said “sorry” with a smirk as he released the ball.
    I never said a word. I wanted to wait until there was an opportunity to confront him one on one.
    It didn’t take too long. A few weeks later I was a pool player on his team and it was just he and I in the dugout early before the game. He looked at me with that same smart assed expression and said to me, “Looks like I won’t get to hit you today, because you’re on my team.”
    I just smiled and moved closer positioning my nose about one foot from his and started gently patting him over his heart and told the man, “If you ever hit me with a baseball again, you will find out just how hard I can hit a person.”
    He has never thrown a pitch inside on me after that. In fact, he has never said another word to me.


  2. I knew we would not see eye to eye on this one. I consider Madison much like a modern day Don Drysdale who used intimidation as a big part of his pitching repertoire. I have little doubt that Madison would have no problem not being held back by his teammates and doesn’t pick out smaller players to pick on, on purpose. He just happens to be a large man. Puig is hardly a small player. You seem to suggest that Madison is a cowardly baseball player, and I just don’t agree. I think he’s a hothead while on the mound who is always in the moment. A competitor who lets a little too much seep out while he’s competing.


    But I’ve never watched Madison pitch a game that wasn’t against the Dodgers or in the post season except for the excerpts you see in highlight reels when he does something to make the headlines.


  3. 68elcamino427

    That’s a nice story about Bumgarner’s home town.
    Pretty much the way my father was raised, sans the furniture industry.

    Still doesn’t explain nor offer rationale for Bumgarner’s unseemly outbursts in his behavior today.
    I wish that he would stop making himself look so foolish.

    It was my dad who insisted that I always stand up to a bully.


  4. It was a well written story. I’ve added it to the column.


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