Now that is how you start a big series

That Bumgarner / Kershaw matchup may have been the best since Kershaw bested ………….

aw snap, don’t you hate it when you feel a good story forming in your mind and when you go to write the story, reality blows your story out of the water.

I was planning on writing about how this was the best matchup between Bumgarner/Kershaw since opening day in 2013, but dang if Matt Cain didn’t start that game.

Oh well these writers did cover the great game last night:

Eric Stephen at True Blue LA

There was Andrew Toles — Roberts with his praise: “He’s a baseball player.” — in the middle of another Dodgers comeback rally. Or at the start of one in this case, leading off the ninth inning with the first of four straight Dodgers hits to steal the win.’

Ron Cervenka at ThinkblueLA

“Maybe because it was the only hit made him get angry,” Puig said. “Every time I face him it seems like we have those problems and it seems to work out because we win.”

Dustin Nosler at DodgerDigest

The Giants have nine losses when leading after eight innings this season. That’s … unbelievable.

More Dustin Nosler at DodgerDigest on one reason why the Dodgers are winning the West

Admittedly, these were stats specifically chosen by yours truly, but they really tell the story. The Dodgers lead the majors in ERA from their relievers, while the Giants are more than a third of a run worse. They get more strikeouts than ‘Frisco, much, much less zone contact, many more first strikes and swinging strikes and benefit from a better BABIP. Then comes the win probability added … yikes. The Giants are 20th in baseball, while the Dodgers are eighth, and the difference is significant.





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