Wild Card in a Carls Junior Three Way

With the Giants winning, the Cardinals winning, and the Mets losing, every team in the Wild Card hunt have the exact same record of 80 – 71.

  • The Cardinals are 5 -5 in their last ten games but have won four in a row to force their way into the three-way tie.
  • The Mets are also only 5 – 5 in their last ten games but have lost two in a row to the last-place Braves.
  • Meanwhile, the Giants are 4 – 6 in their last ten games, and even though they beat the Dodgers last night they have lost their Wild Card lead and are hanging on. The biggest question for the Giants is, “can their rotation make up for their bullpen?”. Last night both the rotation and bullpen were stellar, but that was a rare night for the Giants in Sept.

Jose Fernandez pitched at home last night and threw eight scoreless innings against the Nationals. The last time Fernandez pitched at home he threw seven scoreless innings against the Dodgers. In his last two starts at home against the two teams that seem destined to play each other in the NLDS, Jose has thrown 15 IP, given up just six hits, three walks, and an astounding 26 strikeouts.

Miami doesn’t have much of a chance to make the post season but they have won four games in a row to at least make their presence felt. Four games back with 11 to play while needing at least two of the three teams to stumble ahead of them seems like a tough task, but maybe Don Mattingly’s crew has some magic left in them.

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