Dodgers don’t make it easy for Brock Stewart

Brock Stewart will be making his 3rd career start for the Dodgers today, and he’ll be going against the best team in baseball, and Jon Lester.

In his first start against the Brewers way back on June 29th, Brock pitched four scoreless innings. The problem was the 2nd inning where he gave up five runs.

In his last start start on August 3rd, the Dodgers asked the rookie Stewart to navigate Coors field and he threw three scoreless innings, but also got hammered in the 1st and 5th giving up 5 and 4 runs respectively.

It would seem that Brock is either going to hold the team scoreless or give up at least four runs in the inning. No picket fences for Brock Stewart.  It is a unique approach that probably does not have the possibility of any long term success:)

This will be the 3rd game out of four that a rookie will be making the start for the Dodgers. Brock Stewart has little use for the prospect ladder

I’m headed out to the game courtesy of tickets from Coach Jay, and hope to catch up with David Young while there.


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