Brock Stewart has made three starts and has this strange statistical quirk

Brock Stewart dominated for five innings today which didn’t surprise me. Brock has made three starts and only given up runs in three of his 14 innings. Maybe I don’t understand quirky.

Just seems funky to me:

In his three starts:

  • 12 Scoreless innings
  • 1 five run inning
  • 1 Four run inning
  • five runs zero outs so he can’t even say he pitched an inning. I don’t even know what to call it.
  • Brock has either thrown a scoreless inning or given up at least four runs.

Anyway Cub fans can’t be happy about today’s outcome. They had Jon Lester going against a team who can’t hit left hand pitching. They were facing a pitcher with an 11.00 plus ERA in his two previous starts.

And they still lost, because……..pick your poison:

  • Hit Toles with a pitch
  • Error by the pitcher on a play at first
  • 3rd baseman forgot that 2nd baseman was playing in right field and Adrian Gonzalez was running to 1st base.
  • Brock Stewart was awesome
  • Combination of all above

In any case you can bet if/when the Dodgers face the Cubs in the NLCS they won’t be using Bud Norris or Julio Urias or Brock Stewart. By that point the big boys should be ready to take over for the kiddie corps.

And as someone who has given Clayton Kershaw some grief over his October shortcomings, I have to say it made me boil to hear a Cub fan say they weren’t worried about October because Kershaw doesn’t show up in October. I felt the need to swing a Loney their way but she was eighty year old and I can understand her being a cranky Cub fan.

What a series, baseball doesn’t get any better than what Dodger fans saw this weekend.

I’ve tried to cut down on my games this year so that I can hear all of Vinny but I went today and saw a great game with David Young and Coach Jay.  I’ve heard that Vin was at his best and wowed the Cub fans with his 3rd inning. I’ve got it ready to tape at 02:00AM so hopefully I’ll be able to hear it for myself sometime tomorrow.

And how about Jose De Leon – Oh my


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