Barnes, Puig, and FO machinations

The Dodger FO wowed the rules crowd when they pulled a fast one this week to manipulate the 40 man roster by sending Kenta Maeda to the Arizona League but still managed to find a way to use him this Monday or Tuesday.

That was fairly brilliant.

But I am perplexed by what happened today in Oklahoma. When the Dodgers traded for Carlos Ruiz and sent A.J. Ellis packing I had heard it was because Barnes had taken a pitch off his hand and they were concerned that they needed catching and had lost confidence in A.J. as the backup. Yet today Barnes was catching for the Oklahoma Dodgers and drove in the game winning run.

You aren’t going to convince me that the 37 year old Ruiz is a better option than a combination of Austin Barnes and A.J. Ellis. I don’t care how hot Ruiz was in August, because I remember how cold he was in April – June, and all of 2015. Everyone will point to the lack of success of Barnes when faced with major league at bats, but given how few at bats those have been that don’t mean a thing to me. And who knows these pitchers better than Austin Barnes? The man has been catching all these rookies all year.

I bought the idea if Barnes was hurt, but if he’s not hurt, the trade doesn’t make much sense to me. He’s about the perfect back up catcher.

But Ruiz has all that experience……….We’ll see if that pays dividend for a 37 year old catcher when the experience happened when he was 30 years old.

And Puig is facing the longest time out ever put down by a flabbergasted parent.

But the Dodger train keeps chugging along led by Rookie after rookie. Choo Choo


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