Rookies Brock the week

The Dodger rookies faced down the Reds/Giants/Cubs giving the Dodgers a huge lift during a big week of games. It wasn’t your normal rookies either, sure Corey Seager was brilliant once again, but this rookie week was filled with wonderful antics from unlikely sources.

Monday – Dodgers crushed the Reds 18 -9 and sure Adrian Gonzalez hit three home runs and drove in eight runs, but the big story were the rookies Andrew Toles and Rob Segedin hitting their first major league home runs back to back.  Oh, and Corey Seager hit a home run in the same inning.  Three rookies, three home runs, one inning

Tuesday – Rookie Kenta Maeda won the game, and Andrew Toles and Rob Segedin hit their 2nd major league home runs one game after hitting their first major league home runs back to back.  Toles didn’t even start and still drove in three runs. Rookie Corey Seager had three hits including his 35th double.

Wednesday – The rookies sat this one out, giving up the limelight to Rich Hill who while not a rookie made his Dodger debut and won the game 1 – 0. Segedin took a one-day paternity leave, and Toles after hitting home runs on Monday/Tuesday was given the day off by Dave Roberts because why play the hottest player on your team when you can play the coldest player on your team instead.

Thursday –  Rookie Ross Stripling pitched well enough giving up three runs in five innings. Toles once again was given the day off, Rob Segedin did play but did not hit a home run. I guess being a father zapped him of his baseball abilities. Oh yeah, the Dodgers lost 4 – 0

Friday – Rookies once again sat this one out. Literally. Toles and Segedin on the bench again but did get to pinch hit.  But hey Seager played and got two hits. Oh yeah, the Dodgers lost 6 – 4.

Saturday – Rookie Julio Urias starts out the game as though he was a 20-year-old pitcher facing the best team in baseball. He quickly rights himself after giving up one run, and proves once again, he’s no ordinary 20-year-old pitcher. Six innings later Urias exits the game and picks up his fourth straight win. Rookie Corey Seager hits a home run becoming the all-time Dodger leader in home runs for a shortstop. Rookie Andrew Toles finally gets to start again, and guess what? He collects two more hits.

Sunday – Rookie Brock Stewart fans eight Cubs in five scoreless innings. Rookie Andrew Toles pinch hits, gets hit by a pitch, and guess what? Scores the winning run. Stewart also collected his first hit, and it was the first hit of the game. It demoralized Lester so much he was only able to strike out one more hitter after fanning five of the first eight hitters he had faced.

One thing seemed clear. The Dodger rotation has been given a huge lift by the rookies, and Andrew Toles is awesome. ThinkblueLA gives us some insight into why Andrew Toles has the best blackbeard on the Dodgers.

Jose De Leon won’t be a Dodger rookie until he’s called but he’s still part of the awesome Dodger rookie week.

Jose De Leon, rhp, Dodgers. De Leon was the No. 1 player on last week’s Hot Sheet and after Sunday’s outing, he most assuredly will be on the list next week. De Leon struck out 13 in 7.2 scoreless innings as Oklahoma City beat Colorado Springs (Brewers) 6-1. In his past three starts, De Leon has struck out 33 and walked none. De Leon’s fastball can touch 95 mph and he has a tight slider, but it’s the plus-plus changeup that makes him unhittable at times. In addition, the win clinched the PCL American Northern division title for OKC.

Oh, look more on Brock Stewart by Baseball America:

Brock Stewart, rhp, Dodgers. Stewart had a meteoric rise from high Class A to the majors. The son of Rays scout Jeff Stewart, Brock was barely on the Dodgers’ radar at the start of the year, but injuries and his performance forced their hand. His first three major league appearances didn’t go well, but on Sunday he matched up with Jon Lester of the Cubs and turned in his best performance to date. He didn’t get his first MLB win, but struck out eight in five scoreless innings as the Dodgers went on to a 1-0 win over baseball’s best team.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Looking like the Dodgers scouts and player development people have things dialed in!


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