Oklahoma City Dodgers having no problem finding pitchers

While the Dodgers struggle to find pitchers, the Oklahoma Dodgers seem to be able to use any starter and watch them succeed.

Normally it would be  Brock Stewart or Trevor Oaks or Jose Deleon or even Logan Bawcom throwing dominant game after dominant game. Then again some guy named Alfredo Figaro was able to dazzle for six innings tonight so now I’m starting to wonder if it is the pitching or the hitting in the PCL has simply given up.

Nothing against Figaro but he is a 32-year-old journeyman making his first start in AAA this year.  Figaro went six innings tonight, giving up only one run on five hits. Figaro last pitched in the major leagues in 2014 for the Brewers. Have to say he did have an excellent K/9 and BB/9 rate in limited innings in both 2013 and 2014 for the Brewers. Looking him up it was odd to see that he was originally signed by the Dodgers in 2004 as an international free agent out of the Dominican Republic but released within six months. Has to be some kind of story there. The Tigers signed him, and eventually, he would make his major league debut with the Tigers. Figaro shockingly has over 100 major league innings under his belt, so maybe his success at AAA tonight shouldn’t have surprised me.

I’m sure I knew who he was in 2013 but my memory cleaner decided that information was taking up space that I needed and moved him into the trash folder.

Other minor leagues news of note:


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