Corey Seager is no top five MVP candidate

A few weeks ago I was wondering if Corey Seager could pull off a Fred Lynn and win not only the Rookie of the Year but also the MVP. He had a compelling case at the time but I don’t think many were taking the idea seriously, at best he was considered a top-five candidate. Since that column,  Seager has been on fire and in my opinion is neck and neck with Kris Bryant for the MVP award.

The problem is that as hot as Seager has been Kris Bryant is just as hot. The problem for Kris Bryant is that his team is going to coast to the NL Central Division and whatever he does going forward is just padding stats, but whatever Cory does could have a direct correlation to how the Dodgers get into the postseason.

What everyone is noticing is that Corey Seager as a rookie is the main cog in the Dodger offensive explosion. He’s in the middle of everything that is good right now. As the Dodger rotation continues to falter, it has been the Dodger offense that has shoved their way into first place, and no one has done more of the shoving than Corey Seager.

As Joe Davis and Orel noted the other night, not only does Corey Seager have the counting stats the old school MVP voters love such as high batting average, he has the stats that the sabermetrics school drools over. At this point,  he’s lock in step with Kris Bryant in fWAR. And he’s on a first place team that is overcoming all sorts of adversity.


And he’s getting better

His current run is ridiculous, let us look at how ridiculous he has been:

From August 8th to August 23rd he’s become Ted Williams, and not the normal Ted Williams the helium, Ted Williams:

Corey is 29 for 57 with four doubles, three home runs and has a triple stat line of .509 | .556 | .737. 

Other notable offensive numbers:

  • For the month of August Corey has an OPS of 1.054
  • Since May he has not had an OPS below .890
  • He’s 3rd in the league in BA at .324
  • He’s 10th in the league Slug% at .544
  • He’s 9th in the league in OPS at .923
  • He’s 3rd in the league in runs scored at 86
  • He’s 2nd in the league in hits with 158
  • He’s fourth in the league in total bases with 265
  • He’s 3rd in the league in doubles with 35
  • He’s 6th in the league in adjusted OPS or OPS+ with 147
  • He’s 7th in the league in runs created at 99
  • He’s 6th in the league in extra base hits at 60

Now I’ll agree that none of these particular numbers stands out at you and says MVP, but in the aggregate, you have an incredibly consistent hitter who is combining average with power without any stretches of infallibility along with a rookie shortstop. This stuff has never been done. No rookie shortstop has ever done what Corey Seager is doing that had enough at-bats to qualify for the batting championship.

No one, ever

Player OPS+ PA Year Age OPS
Corey Seager 147 533 2016 22 0.923
Charlie Hollocher 134 588 1918 22 0.775
Bobby Grich 127 528 1972 23 0.773
Nomar Garciaparra (RoY-1st) 123 734 1997 23 0.875






  1. 68elcamino427

    Corey Seager is getting better.
    It’s not uncommon for a rookie to “hit the wall” as the season grinds on.
    Seager looks like he is getting bigger and stronger. He is a big guy, check out his legs when you see his next AB, this is a source of power. It will be fun to see what he is doing as a 28 year old.
    May I say Miguel Cabrerra?


  2. Exactly, I can’t believe what he’s doing in August, so many rookies have wilted at this time.



  1. Kris Bryant shows why he is the MVP frontrunner | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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