Rookies r Us

Dodger rookies continue to pound the baseball helping the Dodgers route Madison Bumgarner and the Giants.

Segedin hit a home run in his first at-bat against Madison Bumgarner, giving him two home runs in two games. Segedin isn’t doing it against the lousy lefties either. Two weeks ago when he collected his first hit it was against David Price.

Toles came into the game late and still managed to hit a double and home run, also giving him two home runs in two games.

Seager simply hit his 35th double, two singles, and a walk, getting on base four times.

Adrian Gonzalez is no rookie but he is just as hot as the rookies, Adrian drove in three more runs giving him 11 RBI in two games.

The pitching was the same old story. The starter barely went five giving up three runs. The bullpen pitched four great innings, and the offense slugged their way to another victory.

It ain’t your normal recipe for success but whatever the Dodgers put in the oven it is coming out tasting like victory.



  1. 68elcamino427

    The aroma emanating from Turner Ward’s batting cage
    Is as sweet as the scent of spice cake baking in the oven in the early morning


  2. His hitting are sure delivering. This is a far cry from what was cooking in May.


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