The season depends on Bud Norris and Rich Hill? Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either the Dodger FO is shockingly brilliant or a lug nut loose. The Dodger rotation for the month of August appears to be counting heavily on two pitchers who are currently hurt, and who were weren’t even a blip on the major league radar a year ago today.

Rich Hill tested his blister and said he’s good to go. Right now he’s scheduled to pitch next week against the Phillies who have been giving the Giants such a hard time. The last time Rich Hill tried to pitch with his blister he warmed up and didn’t take the mound. He better not do that next week. Even if he has to pitch right handed he better take the mound.

At this time last year,  Rich Hill was pitching in the Independent league. I know most of you have no idea what an Independent league is. That is where you go when NOBODY wants to sign you to even a minor league contract.  It only took two starts for the Red Sox to notice him, and he would make his  Boston AAA debut on  August 15th.  Rich Hill hasn’t looked back since, and one can only hope he keeps the ball rolling in one of the most bizarre careers in recent history.

Bud Norris had to leave his last start early with a bad back. He’s now scheduled to pitch against the vaunted Red Sox offense this weekend.

At this time last year, the much traveled Bud Norris was pitching in relief for the San Diego Padres.

The Dodger front office is rolling the dice and Dodger fans can only hope they don’t crap out with so much at stake. To be fair the options were limited and so far they hit gold with Bud Norris, and they very much may hit gold with Rich Hill.

But you have to admit, it looks pretty shaky. Good thing Brett Anderson is around the corner. Once he starts pitching you can bet he won’t get hurt.

Maybe they should give Rich Haren a call.


  1. 68elcamino427

    The Dodgers starting pitching is in the weakest position in August since I can remember.

    SP Out

    RP Out

    SP Today

    SP In The Wings Currently On the DL

    RP Today

    Others On the 40 man

    Hope the FO can do a better job with this in 2018.
    Right now this situation is reminiscent of the Oakland Athletics in the early 2000’s


    • 68elcamino427

      Listed Fien twice and omitted Coleman


  2. I think Norris is in, not having Kershaw is a huge hole. Rich Hill is going to have to plug it. Mabye Jose De Leon is going to have to show why he wasn’t traded.


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