Dodgers lose 12 – 2 starting a rookie in Coors, Giants lose 5 -4 using Cueto, I call that a win

If the Dodger offense wasn’t going to step up to the plate last night the Dodgers had little chance of a victory so Brock Stewart getting blown out or giving up four runs the end result probably wouldn’t have mattered.

I don’t get the use of Urias for three innings but that is another whole different  kettle of fish and not one I’m ready to take on at the moment.

Eventually not having Clayton Kershaw was going to catch up to this team, and with the news that Clayton is out until at least Aug 27th, and the trading deadline come and gone, this is what you have got. Brock Stewart made a spot start in Coors and like Carlos Frias and Eric Stults before him, paid the price.

Yet, Giant fans should be more upset about losing last night. They had their 2A ace on the mound against the struggling  Phillies. Unlike the hot Rockies the Phillies have not been playing well, coming off of three straight sub .500 months.  Yet, the Phillies have now beaten the Giants two straight leaving the Giants winless in Aug after a dismal 11 – 13 record in July. They crushed the Giants on Monday, and won a walk off last night. They beat Madison Bumgarner and Johny Cueto in back to back games!!!!! Go Phillies

Besides, maybe the Giants and Dodgers should start looking over their shoulder at the Rockies. For the first time in a long time the Rockies are playing meaningful games in August and they just might be the team to worry about. For the first time since May 18th the Rockies are over .500 and have won 11 of their last 13 games to move within seven games of the Giants, and five games of the Dodgers.



  1. 68elcamino427

    What effective starting pitchers might the Dodgers target and possibly be able to acquire via waiver trades? What the team has on hand doesn’t look to be good enough to do the job.


    • I don’t know, they would need someone who was not a seller July 31st to drop out between now and August 31st that has an expensive arm that could get by every team. Not an easy task. They really need what they have to step up.


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