Corey Seager catches Hanley Ramirez

Corey Seager was having a tough series at Coors field until he launched his 19th home run last night. The home run was significant because it tied Corey with Hanley Ramirez for most home runs by a LAD shortstop. Hanley hit 20 home runs in 2013 but one came as a DH, so he only hit 19 as a shortstop. When Seager hits his 20th home run to break the record this weekend he’ll do it with Hanley Ramirez watching from the opposing dugout.

Corey is still three home runs shy of the Dodger record set by Glenn Wright in 1930. Wright hit 22 home runs and I’ll admit I have no idea who Glenn Wright was which is why I normally stick to LAD records.

Player | HR | Year
Corey Seager | 19 | 2016
Hanley Ramirez | 19 | 2013
Don Zimmer | 17 | 1958
Rafael Furcal | 15 | 2006
Kevin Elster | 14 | 2000
Jimmy Rollins | 13 | 2015
Hanley Ramirez | 13 | 2014
Hanley Ramirez | 10 | 2012
Greg Gagne | 10 | 1996

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