Beleaguered rotation turns to Brock Stewart while awaiting Hill / Anderson and word on Kershaw

Brandon McCarthy did the rotation nor bullpen any favors last night failing for the second start in a row to get at least fifteen outs. In his previous start,  McCarthy got only twelve outs, but could manage only nine outs last night, putting a lot of pressure on a bullpen that might be tasked once again tonight with Brock Stewart getting the spot start.

Growing up in Fontana Jesse Chavez had long dreamed of pitching in Los Angeles but before he got that chance with his new team Chavez was tasked with helping the bullpen pick up the mess that Brandon McCarthy left the bullpen in Coors and he was not upto the task. When the dust had cleared Chavez had allowed his inherited runner to score, and two others on three hits and two walks. He escaped with a fortuitous double play of really having an awful Dodger debut.

The Dodgers announced yesterday a change in the rotation for this week. With newly acquired Rich Hill still on the DL, the Dodgers decided to give Kenta Maeda an additional days rest and have recalled Brock Stewart to make the start tonight. This will be Brock’s second major league start and it won’t be easy as he’ll be asked to tame a very hot Colorado Rockie team in Coors.  Stewart has continued to do well in AAA after his one start back on June 29th.  No one should expect much of Stewart tonight, but I’ll bet he gets at least fifteen outs.

Given the state of the rotation the Dodgers might keep Brock around to make another start if it looks like Bud Norris won’t be ready.

With Kenta Maeda, Scott Kazmir,  and Brandon McCarthy as the only three rotation pieces currently standing, the hot mess of a rotation  looks a bit short. Bud Norris might or might not make his next start as they continue to work on his back in Los Angeles.

More than a month ago the Dodgers looked to Brandon McCarthy, Ryu, and Alex Wood to supply some arms. Ryu went down quickly, Wood never even made it back, but Brandon McCarthy survived and until his last two starts had been great.

Luckily the very near future and future look to have some help on the way as they once again look to the rehab world. Rich Hill is currently on the DL with a blister but he threw yesterday and said the callus is coming along. He can come off the DL on Thursday so could pitch this weekend or the Dodgers could give him one rehab start before committing him to the rotation. That might be prudent because the last time Hill was scheduled to start he couldn’t make it, and Oakland had to turn to the bullpen from the get-go. With Ross Stripling back in AAA, the Dodgers don’t have the luxury of Rich Hill not being able to take his turn in a scheduled start.

This takes us to Brett Anderson who tossed an excellent rehab start for Rancho last night. This was his second rehab start and Bret was able to increase from nine outs to twelve outs. He struck out eight of the twelve in 64 pitches. Brett should need at least two more rehab starts which would point to him being able to join the rotation right about around Aug 19th or so.

No word yet on Kershaw, so the team and fans are in a wait and see mode. Hard to say the team’s future success depends on Kershaw but the team’s future success depends on Kershaw.

You wouldn’t expect a team with post season aspirations to have so many question marks regarding the rotation but that is what happens when you trade for a pitcher already on the DL with historical health concerns to boot, along with the best pitcher in baseball still in complete limbo.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Trying to make heads or tails out of where McCarthy stands from a start in the mile high air might be just a waste of time. However, he did not look good. If he struggles again in his next start in the way he has in the last two, it might be better for all involved to put him back on the shelf till ST 2017.

    Upon seeing Chavez on the mound for the first time in a Dodgers uniform last night, he reminded me of Justin Sellers, he just has that look about him.

    I wanted the Dodgers to pick up two SP at the deadline, apparently the cost was just too high.
    We will see how it goes, just can’t get a good read on any pitcher who relies on good breaking balls at sea level in the thin mile high air … with the exception of Nomo, of course.

    When the Dodgers are in a place where they need to look for help from Anderson, a hot mess is a great way to describe the situation they find themselves in. Hope he can make it back (heh).

    The Dodgers are so tight lipped about giving out information regarding injuries, we have no way of knowing what is really going on with Kershaw, but they do have the MRI’s. If Kershaw does have a mild herniation, then six weeks of rest is what is called for, then reevaluate. What a blow to the team to be without the best pitcher in the world.


  2. Brett Anderson being the hero would be kind of awesome.


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