Dodger fans get their first look at David Dahl

the Rockies answer  to Cory Seager. Well, Trevor Story is the answer to Cory Seager, but now they have two answers. The arrival of Dahl has been highly anticipated by Rockie fans ever since he was the Rockies number one pick (12th overall) in 2012.

His rapid rise to the major leagues took a detour in 2015 when a lacerated spleen from an outfield collision cost him six weeks but he still clocked into 2016 as the Rockies top prospect. Until this year his minor league numbers don’t jump out at you but he’s battled health issues since being drafted. Something clicked this year or he simply enjoyed the Albuquerque hitting climate because he annihilated AAA to the tune of a TSL of .484 | .529 | .887. The Rockies promoted him on July 25th after only sixteen games in AAA.

Dahl is supposed to have a nice package of power and speed and is considered a five-tool player. His injuries have hampered his progress but now that he’s here, he is doing what Rockie management envisioned when they drafted him.

Dahl has made seven starts and collected a hit in every start hitting a cool .370 so far in his major league career in 27 at-bats. He’s already bashed two home runs, and both came on the road.

In fact,  his game against the Dodgers tonight will be his first game in front of his home crowd.

Dodger fans can look forward to seeing Dahl joining Story and Arrenado in clashes for years to come.

Adam Peterson of Purple Row has the Rockie blog breakdown:

Scouts and coaches rave about his range and instincts and rate his arm as “above average and accurate.” Oh, Dahl will certainly flash the leather for the Rockies. As Baseball Prospectus noted, playing Dahl in left is “is sort of a waste, because he’s a pretty good centerfielder,” but in Coors Field no athleticism is wasted. With one of the biggest left fields in the majors, Dahl’s range and speed will be tested frequently, and he’ll be able to take over centerfield if called upon.




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  2. 68elcamino427

    This article prompted me to look up old friend Omar Daal.
    It kinda surprised me to see that he pitched in the MLB for eleven seasons, logging 1,198 IP along the way, with a career 95 ERA+ .

    Good luck and good health to David Dahl.


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