Scott Schebler comes back from AAA with a vengeance

We all have different ways of watching/rooting for baseball/Dodgers and I’ll admit my way may not be the norm. I may root for the laundry but I also root for the players, and even when they are no longer in the Dodger organization if I liked them I’ll follow them for a long time.

Scott Schebler was one of those prospects who I took an affinity toward. I knew he wasn’t a top prospect but he did lead his AA league in home runs in 2014.  Something about him made me like him. Two years ago I looked at his AA stats and compared them to Jake Lamb. At the time neither Schebs or Lamb was considered sure things. Lamb has gone onto to be one of the feared hitters in the NL, and Dodgers fans will surely remember how he dismantled them just a few weeks ago.

What was always different about Schebler was his minor league triples. This was a guy who had decent speed but who always hit triples. I’ll bet you he has the most triples of any Dodger who also hit over 20 home runs in one season. Sixty-two minor league triples and exactly one hundred minor league home runs.

201o – 8 |2011 – 8 | 2012 – 13| 2013 – 14 | 2015 – 9 | 2016 – 9

Anyway, Schebs was traded to the Reds and got off to a rough start in 2016 so he was subsequently sent down to AAA. Back at AAA Schebs got off to an even rougher start and you started hearing how he was barely an AAAA player much less a major league player. I stayed confident in Schebs and his bat exploded in June/July. The Reds traded Jay Bruce on Aug 1st, and Scott Schebler was back in the major leagues.

The Reds announced yesterday before the game that Adam Duvall was moving to right field and Schebler to LF for the rest of the year.

Schebler rewarded the front office of the Reds with one of the more dramatic home runs in 2016 when he blasted a three-run home run in the bottom of the 9th to give the Reds the victory over the Cardinals.  Even with the Reds, Schebler is still doing the Dodgers favors as it kept the Dodger wild card lead static over the Cardinals .

Watch this, it is an absolute bomb:





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  1. 68elcamino427

    Nice, like the shots Colorado were depositing into the stands last night!


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