Frankenstein five rotation makes run into All-Star break

A ligament here, a shoulder there, a new brain, can it all add up to extended success?

This will be the rotation headed into the all-star game:

Bud Norris, coming off of two brilliant games, including his first one as a Dodger. He’ll be facing his ex-teammates the Baltimore Orioles. You can excuse the Orioles if they don’t recognize this Bud Norris, since the last time they saw Norris he was putting up one of the worst pitching seasons of the 21st century for the Orioles. Only three pitchers for the Orioles in this century have managed to make at least ten starts and put up an ERA+ < 60. Bud Norris, Rich Hill, and Brian Matusz.  This is a different Bud Norris. This is not the Bud Norris that was released by the Orioles on Aug 8th, 2015 because of incompetence. This Bud is no longer Abby normal. He’s been fixed.


Hyun-jin Ryu will make his first start in two years on Thursday. His last start was Sept 12, 2014. For two years Ryu was a steady part of the Dodger rotation, slotting in nicely after the dynamic duo of Kershaw / Grienke. Not having Ryu in the postseason for 2014 and 2015 is a big reason why the Dodgers did not play deep into Oct. It has been a tough road back for Ryu, and given how many times he had to stop his rehab, I’m surprised he has even made it back. Labrum recovery is tough, successful returnees are a rare breed so expectations have to be tempered.  The new shoulder will have to face the fire.

Scott Kazmir has been here all year and sometimes pops in with dynamite games, mixed in with duds.  A pitcher who career was buried, but resurrected ………….I got nothing.

Brandon McCarthy had as great a return from TJ surgery in his 2016 debut as anyone could have hoped for.  That new ligament looked better than ever.

Kenta Maeda is unlike the others on this list. While Bud, Scott, Brandon all pitched the best games of 2016 in their last start, Kenta went the other way and pitched his worst game of 2016.  Hopefully just an aberration. He’s just part of the Frankenstein five by association.

No more teenage rookies. No more three level leaping rookies. No more Bolsingers. No more Ross Striplings. No more journeyman Tepesch.

At least not until one of the Frankenstein five go down


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