Corey Seager – anatomy of an eighteen game hitting streak

All-Star Corey Seager tied Bill Sudakis for the second best hitting streak among LAD rookies when he collected a hit in his eighteenth straight game. Seager took all the suspense out of the hitting streak when he doubled in his first at-bat.

While I like to say all hitting streaks aren’t created equal, this one was interesting to compare. Sudakis slammed seven home runs, but only had 23 hits. Corey only hit two home runs but collected 30 hits. Sudakis was an RBI machine driving in 17 runs in 18 games. Corey only drove in five runs. Yet, the OPS is almost an identical match.

At this point in his career Bill Sudakis was living up to the hype that he had created with his great Sept in 1968. This streak would be the highlight of the LAD Bill Sudakis career.

Player PA Hits DBL HR
Bill Sudakis | 77 | 23 | 2 | 7
Corey Seager | 80 | 30 | 9 | 2
Player Runs-RBI TSL OPS
Bill Sudakis 13-17 | .343 / .416 / .716 | 1.132
Corey Seager 16-5 | .405/ .450 / .662 | 1.112

Just to highlight how this hitting was the ultimate pinnacle of his career, those seven home runs in eighteen games were more than he hit in three of his eight years in the major leagues.Sudakis provided more home runs and in fact hit 50% of his home runs for the season during that 18 game streak. Sudakis would only hit fourteen home runs in 1969, and he clubbed seven during the streak.

Other notable hitting streak notes:

  • 806 PA, 30 hits, 16 runs scored,9 doubles, 2 triples, 2 home runs
  • Nine multi-hit games, seven times he’s had two hits, one time he’s had three hits, one time he’s had four hits
  • Triple slash line during the streak of .405 / .450  / .662 with a robust OPS of 1.112
  • Now holds the longest major league hitting streak of 2016 passing Ozuna and Zobrist
  • Tied with Bill Sudakis for 2nd longest streak for a LAD rookie, just two behind Tommy Davis at 20
  • The streak started on June 16th, at the time Seager had a triple slash line of .275 / .337 / . 504 with an OPS of 841. His triple slash line is now .304 / .362 / .530 with an OPS of 901



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