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Every player is replaceable

Why is that a controversial comment? Bill James said out loud what every GM has ever thought for the history of baseball. Or maybe not everyone, but certainly quite a few. Players come, players go, the constant is the game, not the players. Agents don’t want to hear this, fans don’t want to hear this, …

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Arizona Fall League for 2017

Last year the Dodgers Arizona fall league was loaded with Cody Bellinger, Willie Calhoun, and Alex Verdugo. ¬†Willie Calhoun would win the AFL All-Star game MVP while Cody Bellinger let everyone know he was going to be a player to be reckoned with in the summer of 2017. This¬†year the team looks a little light …

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Brock Stewart presses his case for the Dodger rotation

if they don’t acquire anyone of note over the next four days. Brock started the first game of a doubleheader and went six innings, giving up only two hits and one run. Brock has now made seven starts in AAA, and has not walked more than one hitter in any start. Overall his AAA numbers …

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