Justin Turner inches closer to another homerless April

Last year Justin Turner became the 2nd LAD starting 3rd baseman to ever go homerless in the time frame of March/April.  The key criteria is starting 3rd baseman. Turner is just three games away from turning the same trick in 2017. Given how successful his 2016 season was after not hitting a home run in April, maybe we should be rooting for it again.

Homerless March/April by Position using 80 PA as the criteria:

1st – 4 times (Gonzalez, Loney, Garvey twice)

2nd – 11 times (Sizemore (twice), Lopes (twice), Sax (twice), Randolf, Reed, Cora, Carroll, Ellis, Gordon

SS – Wills (three times), Russell (three times), Griffin (twice), Offerman(three times), Vizaino, Izzy (twice), Furcal(twice)

3rd – Turner (once so far), Ron Cey

RF – Willie Crawford

LF – Bill Buckner

CF – Brett Butler(four times), Willie Davis (twice), Law, Landreaux, John Shelby, Mike Ramsey, Juan Pierre

And Nate Oliver in 1963


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Turner will hit one out



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