Howie Kendrick has at least three hits in his last three games – by the numbers

Last night Howie Kendrick picked up four hits, and for the third game in a row had at least three hits.

This is the complete list of LAD with at least three hits in a game provided by baseball reference. 

By the numbers:

  • According to my search on Bref Twenty Six LAD have had such a streak but no LAD has done it four games in a row. However LAD notes that Ted Sizemore did it five games in a row back in 1970. I’m checking into it.
  • Adrian Gonzalez was the last LAD to do it, in April of 2015. During that streak,  Adrian hit five home runs. Adrian has seven home runs in 2016 in 89 games
  • Ron Fairly and Adrian Gonzalez both had seven extra base hits. Fairly had four doubles and three home runs. Adrian had two doubles and five home runs.
  • Mike Piazza drove in eleven runs in his three-game streak, with two doubles, and three home runs.
  • Rafy Furcal had the most hits during the streak with twelve
  • Dusty Baker, Adrian Gonzalez, and Mike Piazza had the most runs scored with seven
  • Every Dodger on this list is well known except one, McKay Christensen


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