Clippers just might live up to the hype

Writer Jon Weisman sent a tweet to me because he knows I’m a long-suffering Clipper fan.  It was an image that no Clipper had ever seen before. Vegas had already made the Clippers the odds on favorite to win the NBA title but this was from the East Coast. Eight different writers had picked the Clippers to win the NBA West. Against six different opponents. It made me smile and it made me nervous. I don’t like being the favorite, I’m a Clipper fan, because I’m an underdog kind of guy.  You can throw that mindset out the window when you see an image like this:
I still entered this season walking on eggshells. Expecting Kawhi to get hurt during the preseason, finding out that Paul George would need additional surgery to fix the shoulder he had operated on during the summer, Pat and Lou maybe not getting along with the two new superstars. Something to tread on the high hopes of Clipper fans. Because something always does.
But maybe not this time. Maybe this time the illusion will become reality.
I’ve decided to stop walking on my eggshells and embrace the best team they have ever had.
Let me count the ways:
  • Possibly the most annoying player in the NBA on your team in Pat Beverly. The player you love to hate, unless he’s on your team, in which case he’s the player you love the most.
  • Possibly the best postseason player in the NBA on your team in Kawhi who just might be in his prime.The best 6th man in Lou Williams who someday might see the 6th man award actually named after him. If you thought he might slow down you didn’t watch the first two games of the year.
  • If there is one player who can wrest the 6th man award away from Lou Williams it might be his teammate Montrezl Harrell.
  • The best 8th man in Mo Harkless.
  • The best 9th man in JaMychal Green
  • Are you getting the gist of this? The Clipper 2nd team will outscore the starting five of not only the Clippers but of most teams they play this season. When a game starts the Clippers starting five simply need to keep the game even because the 2nd unit will do the damage.
  • The Best Laker center in Zubak. The gift that keeps on giving was on full display last night against the Warriors. They only thing keeping him from a more dominating performance was that you can only keep Montrezl Harrell on the bench for so long.
  • The best player not yet playing in the NBA, Paul George. Every time the Clippers win, no one can use their own injured players as an excuse. The Lakers tried using the Kuzma line but were laughed out of the internet sphere. The Warriors didn’t even try using Klay being out because they knew Paul George was wearing a suit on the Clipper bench.
  • We haven’t had to see what happens in a close 4th quarter. Last year it was Lou Williams who was one of the top scorers in the 4th quarter. This year the options could be anyone on the floor in the final two minutes.  Lou Williams. Kawhi Leonard. Paul George. Montrezl Harrell if they over cover on any of those three will simply bull his way to the rim. I can’t wait to see a close game to see how it gets closed.
  • Jerry West may not be making all the decisions in the Clipper front office, and he doesn’t need to because Ballmer has built the best front office in basketball where Jerry West simply needs to give his advice.
Now that I’ve written all this I should probably do another article where I chart everything that could go wrong but I may wait until at least November before I start heading toward the negative vibe. I’m enjoying this vibe to much right now.
The Clippers don’t need to worry about Los Angeles being a Laker town, they simply need to take care of their own business, and if that turns into their first World Championship,  a whole new generation will take notice. The rest of the country already has.

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