What ex-Dodger could help the team right now?

DodgerYard tweeted out the question:

It is an interesting question with many varied answers. Some answered the question with their heart, some with practicality, and some with humor.

I took the question to mean only players who actually played for the Major League team so folks like Yordan Alvarez would have been ineligible.

My answer without doing any type of research was Zack Greinke. It seemed like an easy answer for me, as he is certainly someone you’d like in your postseason rotation, but was it the right answer? Is there a right answer?

Charlie Culberson – got a few votes. Not sure what he offers that Negron doesn’t but everyone loved Charlie when he was a Dodger.

Jerry Sands – can always count on the humor from Marty

Howie Kendrick – just one vote, and I’d guess he’d take the spot of Tyler White, but once Gyroko is back, not sure Howie is a better choice than Gyorko. Howie was having a great year but has an OPS+ of only .643 in the second half.

Zack Greinke – the only starter mentioned, and my pick. I’d rather have him pitching for us in the World Series than against us. Zack got quite a few votes, maybe the most.

Dee Gordon – one vote for Dee, and clearly it was someone who liked Dee when he was a Dodger and hasn’t paid much attention to his career since he left Florida.

Yasiel Puig – alot of votes for Puig and who wouldn’t want Puig back? The problem is that RF really isn’t an issue with the Dodgers. Would the Dodgers be better with Puig/Bellinger/Joc-Verdugo-Taylor instead of Bellinger / Pollock / Joc-Verdugo-Taylor or move Bellinger full-time to 1st base and have Puig/Pollock/Joc-Verdugo-Taylor? Maybe, but the outfield is not really a problem for the Dodgers.

Tony Watson – this one made sense, grabbing the ex-Dodger to help the bullpen. I could see a case for Tony, doubt that Kolarek is the answer.

Manny Machado – Manny didn’t impress many Dodger fans last year with his lack of hustle, but Seager isn’t exactly impressing with his inability to stay healthy or hit like he did back when he was considered a top ten MVP candidate.  Manny is crushing left hand pitching with a 1.193 OPS but has been less than ideal against RHP with an .729 OPS. I can see the pick, though Chris Taylor outhit both Seager and Machado when he was playing SS for the Dodgers with an .840 OPS .

Matt Kemp – heartfelt pick, sadly Matt Kemp is getting paid $20,000,000 to not play major league baseball.

Brandon Morrow – I didn’t get this one at all. Yes, the Dodgers need bullpen help but Brandon Morrow hasn’t pitched all year and probably won’t. The person who picked him couldn’t understand why the Dodgers didn’t re-sign him. Really?

Adrian Gonzalez – Whatever

Nathan Eovaldi – Nathan just came back from missing most of the year on July 22nd. He’s made eight appearances in relief and has given up eight runs. If Kenley Jansen had that kind of run imagine the uproar.

Ex-Dodgers not mentioned:

Travis d’Arnaud – I guess because of Will Smith no one brought him up, but after his cup of tea with the Dodgers, he exploded to be one of the best hitting catchers in baseball this year.

Brian Dozier – no one seems to miss him

Tim Locastro – he has his uses but hard to see how he’s any better than a Negron unless you need someone to get hit by a pitch

Alex Wood – no one misses Alex








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