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What ex-Dodger could help the team right now?

DodgerYard tweeted out the question: A former Dodger who still plays today that you wish still played for us? — Dodger Yard (@DodgerYard) August 10, 2019 It is an interesting question with many varied answers. Some answered the question with their heart, some with practicality, and some with humor. I took the question to mean …

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Being a GM is hard

On May 10th the Dodgers had a decision to make.  They were feeling a roster crunch and would need to get rid of one of their three catchers. They had acquired Travis d’Arnaud on May 5th after he had been released by the Mets on May 3rd.  Travis had been so bad for the Mets …

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Series preview – Mets come to town

The Mets have not had a winning season since 2008, but this could be the last year you can say that. They have several pitching prospects bubbling in AAA, and the major league team is stocked as well with youth and experience. When you look at who will be in the 2015 rotation you have …

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