Did this happen?

It is Feb 7th, the Clippers have just unloaded their best player and their starting shooting guard. It appears they are waving the white flag.

Jerry West – Hey Magic, this is Jerry, we just acquired a sharpshooting center/forward that I think would fit in perfect for your team.

Magic – Mike Muscala? Yeah, I like him, let me check with Rob and LeBron

Magic – They like him, what would you want? I see you have been grabbing some draft picks.

Jerry – Well, Larry and I looked over your roster and we don’t see how you can keep Zubac next year if your planning on clearing space for all those free agents who will want to play with him

Magic – Zubac!!! Hell, he’s only 21, we can’t trade him to you guys. That would give you a real center and we are trying to catch you. What are we 2.5 games back of you?

Jerry – Oh come on. With all the trades we made we’d be starting three players who are 21 or under. We will play hard but you and I both know that a team that young isn’t going to play well enough to hold off a team with LeBron James. Muscala would give you the shooter you need for spacing and you still have three centers on your team.

Magic – Fans would fry us but let me check with Rob and LeBron.

Five Minutes pass

Magic – OK, we are in.

Narrator – No they aren’t


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