A conversation rooted in the past

Near the conclusion of the Clipper / Laker game last night this conversation was going on all over Staples Center.

Son/Daugther – how come the Lakers lose every time we go to a game?

Father decked out in Purple/Gold – it just seems like it but we have won a couple of games. Remember that game a couple of weeks ago when we beat the Rockets. That was a huge win.

Son/Daughter – you told me after that game that we had turned the corner

Father – yeah well, I thought we had

Son/Daughter – you say that a lot

Father – what?

Son/Daughter – that we have turned the corner

Father – we will, this franchise always turns the corner, look at all those banners. Someday one of these players is going to have his own banner.

Son/Daughter – who? is it going to be Ingrahm?

Father – probably not, sitting out in a must-win game, not a good sign that he’s banner material

Son/Daughter – is it Lonzo?

Father – probably not, he does seem to be hurt a lot for such a young player, and he can’t shoot.

Son/Daughter – Kuzma?

Father – OK, fine, none of these guys will have a banner, but we will sign players this summer who will make it fun to watch the Lakers again. I’m sure Durant or Leonard or Cousins or Uncle Drew would love to play with LeBron here in Los Angeles.

Son/Daughter – I hope so, I’m tired of rooting for a team that sucks.

Son/Daughter – How come we aren’t Clipper fans, why am I supposed to dislike them?

Father – Clippers!!!! You can’t be serious, they haven’t won anything, all these banners, they are Laker banners, why would you want to root for a team that has never won anything?

Son/Daughter – they beat us all the time. You have been taking me to Clipper/Laker games since I was five, and now I’m ten and we have lost every single time.

Son/Daughter – when Uncle Jose and Aunt Noemi took us to a Clipper game they won and they have this cool mascot called Clipper Chuck and they threw T-Shirts to the fans all the time

Father – we will never be Clipper fans. The only reason Uncle Jose and Aunt Noemi are Clipper fans is that they can’t afford Laker games. We pay a lot of money for our Laker tickets.

Son/Daughter – I’m only ten, but are you saying the Clippers are cheap and they win, while the Lakers are expensive and they lose?

Father – just look at the banners and eat your popcorn


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