Dodger Draft fun, 2013 version

The 2018 major league draft is just a few days away and everywhere you look you can see a draft story so instead of swimming against the tide, we will just flow with it.

CBS Sports did a breakdown of the 2013 major league draft in which both 2017 Rookies of the Year came from.  They broke the list down by simply using WAR and it is an impressive draft with Kris Byrant, Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, Sean Manaea, Tim Anderson, and Jon Gray headlining the list.

The most fascinating part of the draft is that Houston had the number one pick and busted with Mark Appel. They could have picked Kris Byrant who many felt was the top pick in the draft. Imagine, busting on the number one overall pick and still winning a World Championship with mostly a home built team just four years later.  They listed three big busts from the first round, Number one overall pick Mark Appel, 12th pick overall DJ Peterson by the Reds, and our Dodgers with the 18th pick overall, Chris Anderson.

Besides Cody Bellinger the only other picks that you could say have worked out were Jose De Leon way back in the 24th round.  Jose may not have a future given his recent arm surgery but he had propelled himself far enough up as a prospect that the Dodgers were able to trade him in 2017 for Logan Forsythe.  Kyle Farmer was an 8th round pick, and if your 8th round pick can make the major leagues you have to happy with that. We don’t know yet what Kyle Farmer is. He could simply be a backup catcher, a backup 3rd baseman, or he could continue to grow as a player and outpace either of those options.

You really hate to blow a number one pick as the Dodgers did on Chris Anderson but it also looks like they blew the number two as well by going for Tom Windle.  Anderson is out of baseball, Windle is still struggling to make the major leagues.  Brandon Dixon might have a future as he finally made the big leagues with Reds this season and is having a big season in AAA but at best is probably a major league utility player.

Just five years removed from this draft and most of these players have already washed out of the Dodger system.

Anderson out of baseball, Windle is in AAA with the Phillies, Dixon AAA/Majors with Reds, J.D Underwood was out of the system by 2015 (yikes), Rhame is in the Majors with the Mets but probably not for long,  Trinkwon never got higher than A+ ball and has not played since 2016, Yate lasted just one professional season. Keener lasted just one professional season.  So that is the rundown of the top ten picks.

Players still in the system that I recognize are Mike Ahmed and that is it.

This was the complete 2013 Dodger draft.

Year   Rnd OvPck Signed                     Name Pos  WAR   G
2013     1    18      Y   Chris Anderson(minors)          RHP
2013     2    56      Y       Tom Windle(minors)          LHP
2013     3    92      Y    Brandon Dixon(minors)       3B   7
2013     4   124      Y   Cody Bellinger(minors)  1B  4.8 187
2013     5   154      Y                J.D. Underwood(minors)
2013     6   184      Y      Jacob Rhame(minors) RHP -0.5  19
2013     7   214      Y Brandon Trinkwon(minors)           SS
2013     8   244      Y      Kyle Farmer(minors)   C  0.2  50
2013     9   274      Y       Hank Yates(minors)           LF
2013    10   304      Y      Nick Keener(minors)          RHP
2013    11   334      Y    Spencer Navin(minors)            C
2013    12   364      Y         Adam Law(minors)           3B
2013    13   394      N        Ty Damron(minors)          LHP
2013    14   424      Y  Michael Johnson(minors)          LHP
2013    15   454      Y    Billy Flamion(minors)          LHP
2013    16   484      N     Peter Miller(minors)          RHP
2013    17   514      Y      Greg Harris(minors)          RHP
2013    18   544      Y   James McDonald(minors)           2B
2013    19   574      Y  Blake Hennessey(minors)           SS
2013    20   604      Y       Mike Ahmed(minors)           LF
2013    21   634      Y      James Baune(minors)          RHP
2013    22   664      Y      Jake Fisher(minors)          LHP
2013    23   694      Y      MJ Villegas(minors)          RHP
2013    24   724      Y     Jose De Leon(minors) RHP -0.8   3
2013    25   754      Y      Kyle Hooper(minors)          RHP
2013    26   784      Y    Thomas Taylor(minors)          RHP
2013    27   814      N     Tanner Kiest(minors)          RHP
2013    28   844      Y     Crayton Bare(minors)          LHP
2013    29   874      N       Sam Finfer(minors)            C
2013    30   904      Y       Ryan Scott(minors)            C
2013    31   934      N Andrew McWilliam(minors)           3B
2013    32   964      Y       Rob Rogers(minors)          RHP
2013    33   994      Y   Tyger Pederson(minors)           2B
2013    34  1024      N     Rob Cerfolio(minors)          LHP
2013    35  1054      N   Kaleb Holbrook(minors)            C
2013    36  1084      N      James Lynch(minors)           RF
2013    37  1114      N      Justin Dunn(minors)          RHP
2013    38  1144      N     Dillon Moyer(minors)           SS
2013    39  1174      N     Jake Sidwell(minors)            C
2013    40  1204      N    Matt Haggerty(minors)           CF

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