The GB&U Game two

Dodgers lose again 1 – 0 making them 0 – 2 for the season.  The Giants win the first two games of the year 1 – 0 on solo home runs by Joe Panik.  Until someone proves me wrong, I’m going with the idea that this has rarely happened in baseball. Rare enough to lose games back to back 1 – 0, but to have the runs both be solo home runs by the same player. Seems like it would a unique event.

The Good:

Kirk Gibson popped into the TV booth in the bottom of the 3rd and for me, the standout part was his description of the thirty-year-old bat that was the tool for his game-winning home run. It was a 31-ounce bat instead of his normal 33-35 ounce bats, it has the ink from his foul balls, the mark on the sweet spot where he connected to send the ball soaring into the RF bleachers, and the cleat marks from everyone stepping on the bat during the celebration. Then he talked about the raised grain from using it in batting practice giving it some backspin when squared up.

Alex Wood was as good tonight as he’s ever been. No shadows, just great pitching. Even as his team kept putting runners on base, he kept leaving them on base.

Matt Kemp made a play that wasn’t special but it was a play I didn’t think he was going to make, he went a very long way to catch the fly ball in front of the field box in the top of the 8th.

The Bad:

Dodger infield defense led by Logan Forsythe who made three errors. Corey Seager let one go right through his legs. None of the errors impacted the game.

The Ugly:

Dodger offense. Everyone is on ice right now.


1 Comment

  1. Cold as ice

    Heard in the clubhouse today
    “Hey Forsythe! I can see your breath!”

    I know we are just taking the wrapper off the 2017 season, but I’m starting the “Runway Watch List”

    Players who are on the verge (of being minimized)

    Hopefully Forsythe and Kemp can perform
    because the two spots in the order they occupy
    are 25% of your 1-8 offensive production
    every game they are in the line-up.
    I just do not see either of them working out at this point.
    They are giving me that Garret Anderson vibe.

    Seager looks off too, hope he is ok health wise.


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