The GB&U Game one edition

Dodger record is 0 – 1. Last year the Dodgers scored fourteen runs on opening day and were shutout in game two. A reversal of that would be cool.

The Good:

Clayton Kershaw gave up only one run. He wasn’t as sharp as he had been this spring but he did his job with runners all over the place to keep the score 1 – 0 when he left. He also picked up two of the Dodger six hits.

Yazmani Grandal hitting right-handed looked good at the plate and blocked numerous pitches in the dirt with runners on base.

J.T. Chargois looked great. Really great.

The Dodger bullpen was great with Chargois, Fields, and Cingrani combining for three perfect innings, striking out four.

The Dodgers managed five walks but walks don’t drive in runs and without a key hit from the top and bottom of the lineup, nobody touched home plate.

The Bad:

The Dodger offense combined (not including Kershaw) for only four hits against a quintet of pitchers who don’t strike fear into anyone.

The Giants pitched their fourth starter against the Dodger ace and came away with a 1- 0 win.

The Giants didn’t even have their closer available and still walked away with a one-run victory.

The Ugly:

The top five hitters in the lineup – Taylor/Seager/Puig/Hernandez/Bellinger combined to go zero for fourteen, with three walks. None of them hit the ball hard.


Chris Taylor and Logan Forsythe combined to leave ten runners on base.


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    one down and one hundred sixty-one to go …

    The Dodgers looked like a cold cup of coffee on offense yesterday.


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