Eight years ago today the Dodgers held a memorial for Willie Davis


One of the greatest Los Angeles Dodgers of all time passed away on March 9th, 2010.

The 3 Dog holds so many Los Angeles Dodger records:


Triples (16) , Longest hitting streak (31)


At Bats (7,495), Runs (1,004), Hits (2,091), Triples (116), Total Bases (3,094), XBH (585), PA (8,035)

From 1960 – 1973 Willie Davis put together one hell of a career. He was considered a chronic underachiever, and for most Dodger fans in the 1960’s will be forever remembered as the center fielder who made three errors in game two of the 1966 World Series,

The Orioles were the first to break through with three unearned runs in a terrible inning for the Dodgers’ Willie Davis. First, the centerfielder dropped consecutive fly balls (after losing both in the sun). Then he threw a wild ball past third base after the second drop.

Yet, just as Clayton Kershaw should not be measured by his failure to hold two four-run leads in game five of the 2017 World Series, Willie Davis should be measured by his decade-long excellence as the Dodgers starting center fielder for two World Championship teams.

As the numbers above show he was Mr. Los Angeles Dodger, a constant in Chavez Ravine as his team changed about him over and over. He saw the highs of the great teams from 62-66, then stuck around to see the wretched teams of 67, 68, followed by the slow youth movement that was capped just after he was finally traded to the Expo’s for the final piece of the puzzle in Iron Man Mike Marshal.

Through it all Willie Davis did his thing never quite reached stardom but certainly putting his stamp on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Willie was one of those ballplayers who did things easily so lazy got pinned to him. There was no kinetic energy to Willie, he simply flowed through a baseball game.  I’ve always found that the more graceful the player the easier it is to pin a tag that they are lazy or don’t care when the truth is, things just come easily for them.

The first time I saw Willie Davis, Mr. Ed was giving him hitting advice. 

The next time I saw him was at the Ravine in 1970. He quickly became one of my favorite and most exasperating  Dodgers. At times he could do it all, other times average was all we got. His speed allowed him to patrol CF well enough to win three straight gold gloves between 1971 – 1973.  He hit well enough to become the only LA Dodger to eclipse 2,000 hits.

I was lucky enough to see Willie Davis play, more importantly, I was able to see WIllie Davis run. Boy could the 3-Dog run. Who needs home runs when the 3-Dog is sliding into 3rd comfortably ahead of the throw.
Run Willie Run

Willie Davis Legendary Baseball Player and Golfing – WTF Golf Episode 14 (via wtfgolf)

In 2006 he was honored by his high school alma mater Roosevelt High. In the video Willie explains exactly the roots of his 3-Dog nickname. Lot of great photo’s in this video from his high school track star days and his Dodger baseball cards. Also some nice video of Willie playing Dodger baseball. This is a cool video I really recommend you take a look at it.

Willie Davis – Alumni Roosevelt HS Hall of Fame (via


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  1. John Marter

    So you think when Willie wasn’t going bsllscto the wall with 31 game hit streaks & his 2 Allstar games in 71 & 73 he was just average ?

    Disagree. From 1969 to 1973 – his last 5 years with the Dodgers he hit an average of .300 was the Dodgers leader & highest paid player during that period except for 1971 when Richie Allen got 5K more in salary although Willie was team MVP.

    He had Stardom – a lot if it – the Mike Marshall trade was a Dark day for me as the Dodgers traded their best player for a decade for a quick fix and yeah in 74 the Dodgers pulled out a pennant but Marshall did blow 2 relief appearances in the World Series and caused LA to lose. But nobody remembers that. In 1975 Marshall turned to jello and Willie was hitting .291 for St. Louis – oh boy the Dodgers could have used Willie D’s bat in 75 & 76 but they had Mike Marshall Who they quickly shipped off midway 1976 for nothing but getting rid of his contract.
    I prefer Willie Savus who won 2 World Championships with the Dodgers – in the 63 series he was the game winner in 2 games and in 1965 his play was outstanding tying Honys Wagbwr’s World Series Record Of 3 Stolen bases in 1 game.

    Willie was great even if the fans didn’t think so.

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