Wilmer and Keibert Show

The Wilbur and Keibert show is getting great ratings this spring and hope to be renewed for many years.

While many expected the Wilmer Font show to get cancelled after just a few episodes our pick for the surprise season of 2018 has opened more eyes this spring with two excellent outings. I’ve always maintained he had a great shot to make the roster simply because he was out of options but I wasn’t getting much backup. Even last Friday after he started the game with two perfect innings when the Dodger broadcast team showed the starting rotation and five other pitchers who could start for the Dodgers, they didn’t include the name of Wilmer Font. They actually had one of my other favorite prospects Dennis Santana on the list which seems a little early.  Font has now pitched in two games and has looked like someone who was the AAA pitcher of the year.  Jon Weisman gave the idea that Wilmer would make the team some credence with this twitter exchange.

Travis Barbary is not a household name and probably never will be in the Dodger world but maybe his connection with Keibert Ruiz who is only 19-years-old and is getting games at major league camp should make him one.  Keibert had three hits today, his first hits at major league camp and Tim Brown with his excellent timing put up an excellent article on his strange famlia .  This is a must read for any Dodger fan. I didn’t know anything about Keibert Ruiz except his skills as a prospect when I labeled him prematurely in some peoples mind the best position prospect in the Dodger system last June.  Once I read this story we may be thanking Travis Barbery if Keibert does indeed reach the potential that some think he has.

This spring, Keibert is in big-league camp for the first time. Travis had run him through the etiquette of a 19-year-old in a major league clubhouse – don’t park in the player’s lot if it’s going to be full, don’t ask too much of the clubhouse guys, be respectful, keep a low profile. He also advised, “You’re a great kid. Be yourself.”

About the gesture then. Over almost a quarter century, you see enough young men work so hard, want it so bad, it becomes a part of you, too. It can be an assembly line down there – next man up, next man up, next man up. It’s lonely and scary and all the street signs are in another language, and home is so far away. So many fail. So many, perhaps, did not have to.

“God,” Travis said, “it’s hard for anybody, even American players, that road from Rookie ball to the big leagues. Sometimes you take it for granted.”

For sure this story has made it even easier to root for Keibert.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    Wilmer gonna be there!

    Ruiz is getting the good public relations treatment.

    Reading the article, of course my mind drifted to Puig and his days with the Lookouts and the story of the affair with the coaches daughter.

    This also brought to mind Verdugo and his antics.

    Kemp had his trashcan.

    Bradley had his water bottle.

    Contrasts in personal style.

    If you can hit you can play.

    This kind of story about Ruiz is the kind this world could use more of imo.


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