Game Seven thoughts

If that is the last hit by Andre Ethier as a Dodger (and it should be) that is about as cool a way to go out as you could envision

Every fan had to be frustrated that of the three possible starters for game seven the one that was chosen shit the bed, while the other two pitched six scoreless innings between them.

In 1965, in game seven Walter Alston had Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax warm up as though each were going to start. I might have done the same last night with Kershaw and Yu.

You can count on Kershaw to be nails for 12 outs in a postseason appearance

Chris Taylor gave us one last reason to cheer him with that outstanding catch. We know who our CF of the future is and it is not Joc Pederson or Alex Verdugo.

Dodger fans were outstanding last night. They supported Yu as long as they could. He did nothing to earn that support.

If the Dodgers couldn’t be champions I’m glad it was Houston who was.

Can’t ever recall a starting catcher losing his job during the postseason. Grandal went from starting to a timeshare to being invisible.

Houston doesn’t need a postseason bullpen when each of their exiled starters kick ass out of the pen.

I was so wrong on Yu

I was so wrong on Bellinger for game seven. I really felt he was going to have a big game.

There were empty seats that were never filled during the game. Possibly they were just using the standing areas. Just felt weird to have an empty seat next to me, and four behind me.

Puig didn’t have a productive world series but I feel he has turned the corner and while the production didn’t show it, he appeared mentally ready for the postseason for the first time.

Justin Turner went from our Big Papi clutch hitter to a big reason why the Dodgers had to play a game seven.

I felt after Yu was lifted that Dave Roberts did a great job in managing the team but it was too little too late. ¬†Having Jansen face the heart of the lineup in the 7th was the right move. You couldn’t let them score again. Of course, it took a brilliant catch by Taylor for that strategy to pay off but it did.

Luck was not our lady last night.

I would have liked for the Dodgers to come out on the field after the game so the fans could give them one final ovation for a great season and a well fought World Series. Yet, I understand how problematic that would be with Houston celebrating their World Championship.

George Springer put on quite a show




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