You think you were loud last night?

Dodger fans don’t have anything on the 1980 fans who by now are probably sucking on oxygen in a nursing home or annoying their family members because they refuse to die.

Josh Wilker over at Cardboard Gods just did a write up on Joe Ferguson and mentions the 1974 World Series throw which is a classic.

However, my favorite Joe Ferguson moment was the walk off home run in the 1980 final series against Houston. It was Oct 3rd, 1980 and the Dodgers were down three games with three games to go. This was the first game on a Friday Night.

Listen to that crowd. Watch how Joe carries his helmet around the bases with him and flings into the crowd as he rounds 3rd base. That home run is probably the third home run that jumps into my mind when I think of Dodger home runs.

Imagine if that would happen in a game seven?



  1. Ajo Knoblauch

    That Ferguson throw is an indelible memory. I loved Jimmy Wynn as a Dodger, but he probably couldn’t have gotten the ball to the infield in the air.


    • Yeah, probably the best part of the 74 series. Catcher to catcher. No one scored on Yeager.


  2. Classic Vin: after “It is gone!” nothing for what . . .a minute and a half? Two minutes? Awesome.


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