Game Seven will cost you $1500

[Update 11/01/2017] Tickets dropped to 1,000 this morning so I”M GOING TO GAME 7

Since Dodger Stadium has never hosted a game seven before it is no surprise that the price of a ticket has a bottom price of $1500 on seatgeek.  Game Six tickets dropped all the way to $400 as I think everyone was saving their money in case there was a game seven.

It is one thing to go to a World Series game, I imagine it is quite another to go to a game seven World Series game.

As I said before this series deserved a game seven and I’m glad we have one. I can honestly say, I’ll be satisfied with this season no matter what happens on Wednesday Night, though I do feel that the Dodgers have the advantage.

Good luck to all of you who have tickets or are going to get one.



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