My positional roster for NLDS

Andrew Friedman was discussing the twenty-five roster last night on the telecast with Joe and Orel. The Dodgers only have four questions as they finish up the last week of the season.

  1. Can they end the season with the best record in baseball?
  2. Can they end the season with the best record in the NL and hold home-field advantage throughout the postseason if they advance?
  3. Who will be on the 25-man roster?
  4. Who will be the fourth starter?

That is about it.

This is the roster I would take into October, not what I expect them to do.  To help with this exercise here at the position players who have had at-bats in Sept.

Player              PA BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
Cody Bellinger      99 12 25 .276 .364 .563 .927
Chris Taylor        99  6 24 .207 .253 .359 .611
Justin Turner       78  7 11 .288 .385 .561 .945
Yasiel Puig         77  4 13 .264 .299 .444 .743
Corey Seager        71  4 18 .172 .239 .250 .489
Curtis Granderson   69  8 16 .150 .261 .267 .528
Logan Forsythe      66  7  9 .241 .333 .448 .782
Yasmani Grandal     66 10 24 .130 .258 .333 .591
Austin Barnes       50  9  8 .231 .400 .436 .836
Chase Utley         42  2  9 .200 .238 .400 .638
Enrique Hernandez   36  4  8 .219 .306 .313 .618
Andre Ethier        29  2  9 .296 .345 .556 .900
Joc Pederson        21  5  5 .125 .333 .125 .458
Alex Verdugo        21  2  4 .158 .238 .316 .554
Adrian Gonzalez     16  1  1 .200 .250 .267 .517
Rob Segedin         12  0  5 .250 .250 .417 .667
Charlie Culberson   11  0  4 .182 .182 .273 .455
OKoyea Dickson       8  2  2 .167 .375 .167 .542

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Generated 9/26/2017.

Besides the obvious eleven players of Bellinger, Forsythe, Utley, Seager, Turner, Barnes, Grandal, Puig, Taylor, Granderson, and Hernandez, this is what I would fill the bench with.

You don’t even see Kyle Farmer on the list above because my cut off was five plate appearances and he didn’t make the cut.  So based on usage it would seem doubtful that Kyle Farmer would make the postseason and even though the Dodgers have yet to let Farmer catch I think he needs to be on the team so that they can utilize the flexibility of having Austin Barnes on the team. Plus Farmer has his own flexibility in that he can play 3rd/1st in a pinch.

Andre Ethier has earned the spot as the key left-handed pinch hitter. Joc simply hasn’t looked like he could hit anything at the major league level right now, much less the elite bullpen arms of the teams in the postseason.

I’m at thirteen position players and I want fourteen but the pickings are slim for that last spot.

I find it hard to believe that Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t have a spot on this roster but I can’t see carrying a one-dimensional player like him right now. He can only play 1st base and the Dodgers have that covered with Cody Bellinger. He can pinch hit, but he can’t pinch run in any capacity. If his bat was worth it, he would still make the roster but it does not appear to be worth it.

Based on the 13 man roster we only have Bellinger as a true 1st baseman, with Farmer being a backup. Forsythe can also play 1st base, as could Chase. I can live with that.

At 2nd it would appear that everyone on the roster can play the position. Forsythe, Chase, Barnes, Hernandez, and even Turner.

Shortstop we have Seager and either Taylor or Hernandez

3rd base has Turner/Forsythe/Hernandez

Catchers would be Grandal / Barnes / Farmer

RF would be Puig/Granderson/Andre/Bellinger

CF would be Taylor/Hernandez/Bellinger/Granderson

LF would be Granderson/Ethier/Hernandez/Taylor

So we have plenty of positional coverage so I would be looking for the best bench player. Someone who can not only pinch hit but pinch run.

The candidates;

Adrian Gonzalez – only plays 1st base, can’t hit LHP, may not be able to hit RHP anymore, turtle speed. Veteran presence.

Rob Segedin – can play 1st/3rd/OF. not a proven major league hitter but has always looked comfortable to be with a bat his hands. Not someone you’d want to pinch run but could do so in a pinch if Grandal was the winning run on 3rd with < than 2 outs.

Alex Verdugo – can play all the outfield spots, can run a little, probably would not use him against LHP.

Joc Pederson – sometimes the fall is hard. He can do everything that Alex Verdugo can do and has a proven track record that is scratched right now.

I think we need another left hand hitter on the bench, but someone who can run a little. I’m going to go with Joc Pederson.

So this is it:

Pos Player
1st Cody Belligner
2nd Logan Forsythe
2nd Chase Utley
SS Corey Seager
3rd Justin Turner
C Yasmani Grandal
C Austin Barnes
RF Yasiel Puig
CF Chris Taylor
LF Curtis Granderson
Utility Kike Hernandez
Utility Andre Ethier
Utility Kyle Farmer
Utility Joc Pederson
Lineup RH Starter: Lineup LH Starter
1st Cody Bellinger 1st Cody Bellinger
2nd Chase Utley 2nd Logan Forsythe
SS Corey Seager SS Corey Seager
3rd Justin Turner 3rd Justin Turner
C Yasmani Grandal C Austin Barnes
RF Yasiel Puig RF Yasiel Puig
CF Chris Taylor CF Chris Taylor
LF Curtis Granderson LF Kike Hernandez
Bench Austin Barnes Bench Yazmani Grandal
Bench Andre Ethier Bench Andre Ethier
Bench Kike Hernandez Bench Curtis Granderson
Bench Kyle Farmer Bench Kyle Farmer
Bench Joc Pederson Bench Joc Pederson

Depending on the starter I might even let Austin Barnes get a start or two against the right-hand pitching unless Grandal shows his bat is ready for a full-time role.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Gotta take Gonzalez over Pederson for the PH bench role.
    Pederson doesn’t have a clue at the plate.
    Gonzalez can make something happen with one swing.
    He will be amped up and in the moment.
    And … as the old saying goes …
    Gonzalez will forget more about hitting than Pederson will ever learn.

    Grandal’s bat is showing better results with some rest.
    Look for good things here.

    Keep Turner’s thumb out of harms way until the real games begin again.

    Get Puig back on his meds.


    • I think you make valid points, more valid if Adrian could show some life. I expect them to take Adrian but I would not.
      I do think Grandal is coming on at the right time which is why he’ll be splitting starts, not just being the backup.



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