Dodgers batter Padres for 100th win

Even though it took much longer than expected the Dodgers finally won their 100th game.  The pace to win 115, 110, or even 105 was derailed but there were enough Padre tracks left in the season to get to the century mark.

This is only the 3rd time since moving to Los Angeles that the Dodgers have hit the century mark and the first time since 1974.  The 1962 team didn’t even make the World Series, losing to the Giants in a best of three game series which is why they played 165 regular season games.

By the end of the season, hopefully, the 2017 version of the LAD will have the most wins in the Los Angeles Dodger franchise history.

Of the LAD eleven teams to win at least 95 games, only two champions emerged, the 1963 and 1965 teams which were, of course,  how the legend of Sandy Koufax became bigger than life.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these Los Angeles Dodgers will not win a World Series unless their own version of Sandy Koufax pitches like a legend in October.

The tables below were manipulated using the data from the Dodgers Franchise Baseball Reference page:

Year G W L Finish Playoffs
1974 162 102 60 1st of 6 Lost WS (4-1)
1962 165 102 63 2nd of 10
2017 157 100 57 1st of 5
1963 163 99 63 1st of 10 Won WS (4-0)
1977 162 98 64 1st of 6 Lost WS (4-2)
1965 162 97 65 1st of 10 Won WS (4-3)
2009 162 95 67 1st of 5 Lost NLCS (4-1)
1985 162 95 67 1st of 6 Lost NLCS (4-2)
1978 162 95 67 1st of 6 Lost WS (4-2)
1973 162 95 66 2nd of 6
1966 162 95 67 1st of 10 Lost WS (4-0)

I’ve always said that Jimmy Wynn was the MVP of the 1974 Dodgers not Steve Garvey.  I lived it and the stats prove me true.

Pedro Guerrero was really something

Dave Roberts and Joe Torre are the only other LAD managers here with 95 wins or more besides the HOF duo of Alston and Lasorda.

Curiously none of the teams that had the run of rookie of the years from 1992 – 1996 ever won at least 95 games.  The best they could do was 90 wins.  Have to look into that.

Year R RA Top Player Managers
1974 798 561 J.Wynn (7.7) W.Alston (102-60)
1962 842 697 M.Wills (6.0) W.Alston (102-63)
2017 739 563 J.Turner (5.5) D.Roberts (100-57)
1963 640 550 S.Koufax (9.9) W.Alston (99-63)
1977 769 582 R.Smith (6.1) T.Lasorda (98-64)
1965 608 521 S.Koufax (8.6) W.Alston (97-65)
2009 780 611 M.Kemp (4.9) J.Torre (95-67)
1985 682 579 P.Guerrero (7.9) T.Lasorda (95-67)
1978 727 573 R.Cey (5.3) T.Lasorda (95-67)
1973 675 565 D.Sutton (5.3) W.Alston (95-66)
1966 606 490 S.Koufax (9.8) W.Alston (95-67)


  1. 68elcamino427

    Darvish looked every good last night.
    He is gonna be a key.

    Kershaw is gonna Kersh.
    I would keep a close eye on him after 75 pitches.
    When he is tiring, rather than sending him out to “gut out” or wring out one more inning, instead sit him down.

    Give the relief pitcher a clean inning to start with when possible.

    Kershaw is only human.
    He is not Sandy Koufax, who threw the baseball in his last season so heavily dosed on pain killers that he claimed there were times on the mound when he was not fully aware, throwing with a cold hand.
    This does not fly in today’s game.

    Save the heroics for the World Series games.

    If Darvish and Kershaw can give six solid innings each start,
    take the money and run.
    Let Cingrani, Watson, Fields, Maeda, Morrow and Jansen do their thing to finish the games.

    The pitchers make the difference in the post season.
    The memory of the Cubs batters hitting the ball all over the yard is still strong.


  2. I will take six innings of 2 runs or less in every start by Kershaw. Anything less than that will be problematic.


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