Dodgers don’t lose twelve in a row

and if Clayton Kershaw doesn’t get hurt they might win three more games this season.

Levity kids, levity.

Anyway, Clayton was not at his best last night but the offense woke up just enough to break the Dodgers eleven game losing streak.

If you want more levity the Dodgers are 0 – 15 since August 26th in games that Kershaw did not start.

Date                          Opp  W/L    R   RA   W-L     GB       Win
Saturday Aug 26      boxscore MIL    L    0    3 91-37 up20.0    Davies
Sunday Aug 27        boxscore MIL    L    2    3 91-38 up19.0    Nelson
Tuesday Aug 29       boxscore ARI    L    6    7 91-39 up18.0    Godley
Wednesday Aug 30     boxscore ARI    L    4    6 91-40 up17.0       Ray
Thursday Aug 31      boxscore ARI    L    1    8 91-41 up16.0   Greinke
Saturday Sep 2 (1)   boxscore SDP L-wo    5    6 92-42 up14.5      Hand
Saturday Sep 2 (2)   boxscore SDP    L    2    7 92-43 up14.5   Baumann
Sunday Sep 3         boxscore SDP    L    4    6 92-44 up13.5    Chacin
Monday Sep 4         boxscore ARI    L    0   13 92-45 up12.5       Ray
Tuesday Sep 5        boxscore ARI    L    1    3 92-46 up11.5 Hernandez
Wednesday Sep 6      boxscore ARI    L    1    3 92-47 up10.5    Walker
Friday Sep 8         boxscore COL    L    4    5 92-49 up10.0     Rusin
Saturday Sep 9       boxscore COL    L    5    6 92-50 up10.0    Bettis
Sunday Sep 10        boxscore COL    L    1    8 92-51 up 9.0  Chatwood
Monday Sep 11        boxscore SFG    L    6    8 92-52 up 9.0       Law

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Generated 9/13/2017.

But today is a new day and the Dodgers have a one game winning streak. Much of that can be attributed to a brilliant defensive fourth inning.  After a lead off double by Todd Hundley,  Justin Turner fields a tough bounce down the 3rd base line but throws errantly to 1st base. Cody Bellinger makes like Michael Jordan and goes vertical and horizontal to catch the errant throw and while several feet in the air, manages to tag Austin Slater so instead of 1st and 2nd with no outs, the Giants have one out and a runner on second. Calixte flies out to RF, and the Puig cannon fires one of best throws. It landed perfectly in the glove of Justin Turner on the bag. The runner never even attempted to advance to 3rd, but the throw itself was a thing of beauty.

Tomlinson would single to CF but Chris Taylor charged,  threw his own bullet to Grandal and Hundley was so far out, he simply stopped running.

They didn’t make it easy and it is a testament to the struggle of the team that the two games they have won since Aug 27th have been 1 – 0 and 5 – 3.  Don’t think the ship is righted yet, this was just one victory against the worse team in the National League, but it was a win they desperately needed.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Bellinger employed his leaping ability on another high and errant throw from Turner last night.
    El Titan wouldn’t have been able to touch that one eithe.

    The play with the mid air tag at 1B one for the books.

    Hope the Dodger SPs can maintain order in the first few innings from here on out.
    This would go a long in helping the team really turn the page.


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