Reddick and Granderson

Last year the Dodger front office bet on Josh Reddick as their right fielder and banished their regular right fielder Yasiel Puig to AAA.  It was not a good bet. For the first thirty days of his Dodger career, he put up one of the worst months of any LAD outfielder in history.

Player                 Split Year  OPS PA SO   BA  OBP  SLG
Josh Reddick          August 2016 .396 94 15 .161 .223 .172
Ron Fairly              July 1966 .395 80 12 .129 .238 .157
John Shelby             June 1989 .385 93 25 .146 .183 .202
Don Demeter             July 1959 .384 61 16 .153 .164 .220
Tommy Davis           August 1961 .373 79  7 .155 .218 .155
Tony Gwynn              July 2012 .364 54 11 .140 .204 .160
Eric Young            August 1992 .359 75  4 .162 .197 .162
Bill Buckner            June 1975 .333 58  6 .120 .193 .140
Howie Kendrick   April/March 2016 .333 55 14 .151 .182 .151

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This year the Dodger front office bet on Curtis Granderson and banished their regular center fielder Joc Pederson to AAA. So far that has not been a good bet, as Curtis Granderson is having as bad a time as Josh Reddick had.

Player                 Split Year            OPS PA  BA  OBP  SLG
Josh Reddick          August 2016           .396 94 .161 .223 .172
Curtis Granderson     Aug19th-Sept11th 2017 .534 86 .111 .256 .278   

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Josh Reddick recovered and had a fine empty Sept. The Dodgers have eighteen games left to find out if Curtis Granderson is the right man for left field.  For a team on their way to winning (maybe) 100 games so many questions abound but today let us just focus on left field.

If we go with the idea that Chris Taylor is the center fielder, the left fielder could be one of many.

It could be Cody Bellinger against RHP, with Adrian Gonzalez at 1st. Is Adrian a better bet than Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson, or Curtis Granderson against RHP? They are all left-hand hitters. Only Andre of the four has shown any spunk in his bat.

Against LHP I’d expect Bellinger to be playing 1st base which leaves Andre, Joc, Granderson or Hernandez for LF. Those are all horrible options against a left-hand pitcher. Forget about Joc here. We should also forget about Andre here as his historical history against LHP is terrible.  That would leave Granderson and Kiké Hernandez as the likely starter against an LHP, and Mr. Hernandez has been less than stellar himself for quite a while now.  Franklyn Guiterrez was supposed to be this guy back in April but he is done for the year.  The Dodgers have 38 players on their Sept roster and I can’t find one good option against LHP in left field for the postseason.

I don’t know, it kind of seems the one thing this team didn’t need is another left handed hitting outfielder.  I guess 20 analysts weren’t able to figure that out.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Remember, Reddick was being platoons with Puig.
    Reddick defense was also slumping too.

    Granderson just can not see the breaking pitch since he has joined the Dodgers.
    He has looked his age.

    My feeling is that in about a week, Gonzalez latest epidural is gonna wear off and he is gonna be “back” at square one. He has been consistently bad all season long.
    Inserting Gonzalez into the starting line up just complicates the lives of CODY Bellinger and everyone else who needs to move from position to position in order to accommodate Gonzalez at 1B.

    Granderson? No
    Ethier? No
    Gonzalez? No
    This leaves Pederson. This is on the FO.

    Taylor looks like he could benefit from a couple of days off. His bat is just a tick slower than it was when he was hot.

    Martinez was the guy to get. The Diamond Backs got him.
    One reason the Dodgers passed on Martinez and Verlander might be the Luxury Tax and 2019.

    Anyway, here we are.
    Roberts needs to figure it out.
    Someone should pay the dues for this horrific skid.
    The bench coach would be cut today, were I in charge.


  2. 68elcamino427

    Vs LHP the best option was Martinez!

    Hernandez will be the one.
    He may have some ugly PAs
    But he always gets his three healthy hacks!


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