Diamondbacks look like a post season team

It is funny how circumstances change so rapidly in this game. A year ago there was no team more disappointing than the Diamondbacks who won only 69 games. It is only August 30th, and they have already won 74 games. From a laughingstock to a bonafide contender in one winter.

In a normal year, Arizona would be battling for the Western Division. They currently have a .561 winning percentage, and the Dodgers won the division last year with a .562 winning percentage.  They just picked a bad year to have a good year but they can take solace in that they should control their own destiny if they want to play in the play-in game.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I expected the Diamondbacks to take control of the wild card race and that seems to be happening. They have won five in a row and now have a two game lead on the Rockies and a six game lead over the Brewers.

The team has it all, good hitting, good power, good starting pitching, and even a good bullpen.  With Robbie Ray back, and Patrick Corbin pitching like he did before his TJ surgery they have a staff that can match anyone in a postseason series along with an ace in Greinke that can take the ball in a play – in game.





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  1. 68elcamino427

    The Splits

    vs RHP – vs LHP
    1.018 – 1.029 Goldschmidt (walk this way …)
    .866 – 1.661 Martinez
    .735 – 1.002 Ianetta (Check his vitamins)
    .970 – .598 Lamb (gentle vs LHP)
    .837 – .763 Peralta
    .801 – .681 Drury
    .743 – .812 Pollock
    .738 – .853 Marte
    .792 – .562 Descalso

    So yeah, Hill got a sore hip and a headache last night …
    It will be interesting to see how Ryu fares against these snakes!


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