Bellinger’s back

It turns out that Adrian Gonzalez is not an adequate replacement for Cody Bellinger. I was wrong on Adrian, I had hoped that Adrian would show that with his back somewhat healed he could once again provide some butter and eggs but instead he has looked very much like the same player who displayed an anemic bat before hitting the disabled list.

Adrian has had a couple of good swings, but for the most part, he’s been horrible.

Split         PA 2B HR RBI   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
April/March   96  5  0  10 .259 .337 .318 .654
May           55  4  1  10 .269 .273 .404 .677
June          31  2  0   3 .214 .258 .286 .544
August        45  3  1   4 .190 .222 .333 .556

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Generated 8/30/2017.

When Cody returns tonight, Dave Roberts has said that he is his first baseman so while Adrian may see a start or two, at this point, it looks like he is going to be a bench player most of the time.

Cody has some work to do if he wants to catch Frank Robinson and set the NL rookie home run record. Cody has not homered since August 12, and sure he hasn’t played since August 19th, but he hasn’t had many spells of five games without a home run. At 34 he still needs one to tie Mike Piazza for the LAD rookie home run record.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Can Gonzalez be an effective PH through the playoffs?
    Will his body allow it?
    He has seen it all.

    The Dodgers could trade Gonzalez to an AL team this off season where he could give the DH a try. They would need to pay the majority of his contract.

    In return the Dodgers get a prospect and free up a spot on the roster.

    $23 mil would be a lot for the Dodgers to spend for a veteran clubhouse presence in 2018 …


    Everyone can see the synergy Bellinger creates in the line up.
    Gonzalez was similar in his prime.


    • The writing seems to be on the wall that Adrian will be moved this winter with the Dodgers having to pay a majority of the contract. I would imagine this would be a salary dump with very little if anything coming back. They may not find any takers at all given how hard it was for 1st/DH folk to find jobs last winter. This may end up being the next Carl Crawford situation. I thought he would have enough left that you could play Bellinger in the outfielder but he has not proven that to be the case.


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