NL Central Update

I just want to post this.
At the end of August 12th the top three teams in the NL Central have this interesting won/loss record.

Come on, how cool is that.

Team Wins Losses
Cubs 61 55
Cardinals 61 57
Brewers 61 59


  1. Michael

    FInd myself rooting for the Cardinals (or Brewers, but I don’t think they’re going to make it) to win the Central. The Cubs’ season is providing a reminder that future success in baseball is not a given. The team that just about everyone expected to be a juggernaut has hit a bump in the road. Good thing for the Cubs that they finally won a WS last year, because even a hugely talented team can come up short.


    • Yes, I find myself rooting against the Cubs every game. I would prefer the Pirates screw everything up and go on a hot streak but I doubt it can happen.


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