A helping Hand could be all the Dodgers need

Getting Brad Hand might be all the Dodgers need to wrap their arms around a 2017 World Championship.  They clearly don’t need any help regarding the lineup. They could use a stud starting pitcher but questions abound if Yu or Gray are really stud pitchers and if the cost is Verdugo or Walker Buehler I could see the Dodgers balking.  I know I have said I’d like to have Yu, but smarter people than me have said no thanks.

Based on the information coming out today, and it may or may not be accurate in any way. The Padres may have dropped the asking price for Brad Hand to a much more reasonable cost. Especially when taken in conjunction with the high asking price for Zach Britton.

Brad Hand is one of the late blooming left-hand relief pitchers that seem to show up every year.  Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs takes a look at why Brad Hand is now such a shut down left handed setup man.

Overall, Hand has had wonderful numbers. He’s been effective against both lefties and righties. The Padres have backed off on his usage somewhat, but he’s among the league leaders in appearances since the start of last year. He’s also been among the leaders in appearances lasting more than one inning, and he’s been among the leaders in appearances on zero days’ rest. The Padres have worked him hard, and Hand has so far held up. That much is encouraging, and it allows contending teams to dream about potential playoff usage. We saw how Miller was worked to the bone. Hand could be a similar kind of fireman.

Imagine a bullpen having Brock Stewart / Pedro Baez / Brandon Morrow / Brad Hand with Jansen to close it out.  It would probably give you more bang for your back then bringing in Sonny Gray.

24 hours from now we will find out which way the Dodgers leaned.



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